Add Tags to Spaces (Filters)

Tags are added to spots to make it easier for employees to find a space that suits them. Tags like ‘Dual monitors’ for desks or ‘Wide Space’ for parking will help employees filter their search for the most relevant spot.

To add tags to spaces, you must follow the following steps. These steps are to add a tag to a desk space;

Step 1 – Go to the Desks tab in the admin panel

Open the desk option in the admin panel - spot tag filters


Step 2 – Find the spot you want to add tags to and click ‘Add Tags’.

Click the add tags button for the spot you wish to add tags to


Step 3 – The spot tag manager will open – here you can add tags (up to 30 characters). Type the tag in the text box and click ‘Add’.

Add your own tags to spot tag manager here


Step 4 – The tag will now appear below in the ‘Tags’ section. Now click the tags you would like to add to this spot. Once you have selected all the necessary tags, click ‘Update’.

Note: To remove a tag, just uncheck the box beside the tag and click ‘Update’. If you want to delete a tag permanently, click the ‘x’ button.

Click the tags that you want to add to this spot. Click all tags necessary. To delete tags permanently click the 'x'. To just remove the tag from the spot, just uncheck the box.


Step 5 – Add tags to each spot to make filtering by spot tags easier for employees.