Cancel Your Booking

How to release your spot and cancel your booking

If you no longer wish to use your booking, you can release it from the booking calendar and cancel the booking. Cancelling your booking may mean a credit is refunded to your account to make future bookings. To cancel your booking, follow these steps:

Step 1 – Open the Ronspot app, make sure you are logged in.  Open the booking calendar.

Step 2 – Find the date that you are booked in and you wish to cancel. For example, if it is for desk  .

Step 3 – Press the number of your desk and date, and you will be asked to either, ‘Release Spot’, or ‘Go to Map’.

Step 4 – To cancel your booking, press ‘Release Spot’. Once successful, you will receive a pop-up confirming your cancelled booking.

Note: If you press ‘Go to Map’ this will take you to the interactive office map for the date. You can release your booking here also by pressing on the desk you have already booked. This will automatically release your booking.