How to Check-in for Employees

How to check-in from the Ronspot app as an employee

In order to check-in as an employee, your employer must set-up the ‘Check-in/Check-out’ feature, see how to do this here.

Once setup, checking-in is simple. Employees must;

1. Open the Ronspot app, either on their mobile or through desktop.

2. Open up the booking calendar page.

3. Provided you have booked a spot for today, you will see the check-in button in the top right of the screen for mobile and top left for desktop.

4. Press the check-in button. If you are using a manual check-in, you will now be checked-in successfully.

5. If you are using a QR code check-in, this will open the camera on your mobile. Scan the QR code.

6. You will now be successfully checked-in.

7. To check-out, just click the button again and you will be checked-out of your spot.


In the mobile app, you will click this button.

ronspot employee check-in - help centre - check-in button in top right of mobile app