Encourage Users to Cancel Unused Bookings

Ronspot includes three ways to encourage the employees who are not going to work to release their unused space.

Limited credits

Employees instinctively recognise the importance of credits if the number of bookings they can make is strictly limited.

All you need to do is to explain to your employees that:

  • they will instantly gain their credit back after releasing a space
  • they will be able to use this credit to book another space (same or different date)
  • their colleagues will instantly be able to book the space that has been released

Booking reminders

The administrator also has the ability to enable email and/or notification reminders. They are sent on the previous night only to the employees who have a booking for the next day.

Step 1 – Head over the Zones tab

Step 2 – Select a zone and click on the icon

Step 3 – Turn on the option “


If you wish to go a step further, you can enable the “Auto-release” option to ask employees to confirm their bookings. If the booking is not confirmed within 180 minutes, it is automatically cancelled.

Step 4 – Simply tick the checkbox next to the  “