How to View Performance Reports (Analytics)

Ronspot Analytics gathers data on your company facilities and produces reports to improve efficiency. These following reports are available to administrators:

Booking Demand

The booking demand report provides information on total bookings made for the account. The report provides information on how many spots were auto assigned. All ad-hoc bookings made by the employees are recorded and finally the number of empty spots in the zone. This report seeks to aid administrators in managing demand for spaces in future, by recording previous booking habits. Whilst increasing occupancy levels and minimizing the number of empty spaces.

Past Bookings

The past bookings report keeps data of all the past bookings made by employees, including space numbers. Administrators can select a date range to have an overview list of past bookings.

App Activity

This report shows how heavily the App has been used by employees over the past 30 days grouped by hour. Therefore, all of the employee’s interactions with the app are totaled in this report. So, it reports the user activity. The Daily Loading also shows the number of users that can use the available spaces.

Free Booking

This report keeps data on the number of bookings made by employees after the free booking time. The free booking time refers to the pre-determined time that a spot becomes credit-free to book. Therefore, there is no credit needed to book this space, provided the availability is there.

Booking Violation

The booking violation report records all spot violations and then reported employees. Firstly, are the reported violations for the last 10 days. This shows the number of violations made over 10 days. The report monitors who is making the most spot violations. These violations are made by employees who take a spot without booking or being allocated that spot. This report allows the admin to monitor the violations and ensure that repeat offenders can be dealt with. Finally, the report measures the daily reported violations over the past 30 days. The booking violation report aims to minimize the number of employees that try to undermine the solution. This ensures that there is fairness and transparency for all employees.

Unused Booking

The unused booking report monitors who, and how often employees are not using their bookings. This is typically used by security or office managers to report unused spots. The administrators must report the unused booking. These unused bookings are monitored here.

Schedule Booking

The schedule booking report monitors the employees who are booked into specific spots. The report was originally used for monitoring employees who are on a week on/week off basis. Either sharing parking spaces or sharing desks.

AM Spot Release

The AM Spot Release report tracks the employees who are releasing their spots between the hours of 7am and 10am each morning. These employees may decide to release their spot should they decide not to work onsite. The report ensures that employees are releasing unneeded spots.

All Day Release

The All-Day Release report tracks the employees who are releasing their spots throughout the day. Anytime an employee releases a spot it is measured in this report. The report ensures that employees are releasing unneeded spots.  The report measures who releases the spot. When the spot is released for and the name of the spot.

Contact Tracing

The contact tracing report monitors which employee booked a specific spot on a rolling 90-day basis. This report is essential in complying with COVID-19 guidelines and ensuring the safety of your employees when working onsite.