Make a Booking

How to make a booking for employees

This will walk you through how to make a booking with Ronspot:

Step 1 – Open the Ronspot App and make sure you are logged in.

Step 2 – Go to the booking calendar and check availability.

Step 3 – Press the green dot for the date you would like to make your booking.

Step 4 – This will take you to the interactive office or parking if your organisation use this. Find the spot you wish to book and press it. For example, if this is a desk space, select the desk you would like to book.

Step 5 – This may prompt a health declaration message to confirm you have no COVID-19 symptoms – check this box and press ‘Ok’.

Step 6 – Your booking is now made. On the booking calendar you will see your desk number in the calendar, i.e. if you booked desk number 5 you will see this:   


Note: If you see this icon    it means that there is no availability or spaces to book on that date. You may also be unable to make a booking in advance if you have no credits left. So, if your organisation use credits to make bookings, ensure your credit balance is not empty.