Manage your Credit Balance

What are Credits?

Credits are tokens employees may use to make bookings. Credits are used by organizations to ensure employees are given fair allocation of desk or parking spaces. Credits can also be used to manage flexible working.

Admins will give credits to employees on a weekly or monthly basis. Employees then use these credits to make bookings. Credits can be used to make future bookings. Whereas bookings made on the day, or at the last minute are often free (to maximize efficiency).


How to Manage your Credit Balance

Credits are given to employees on a weekly or a monthly basis. This balance is refilled accordingly.

The employee’s credit balance is visible at all times in the top right corner of the app / web portal.

Managing your Credits

You will use credits to make your bookings. For example, if you are given 8 credits per month to make bookings, these credits must be managed well.

This means an employee can use the credits to make 8 future bookings. If the user makes 8 future bookings, the balance will be 0.

If an employee releases a space in time, the employee will be refunded a credit to make a new booking.


Zero Credit Balance

Once all credits are used, employees may have a zero credit balance. This does not mean that employees cannot book into the office.

In order to maximize efficiency, if an employee has no credits left, they will still be able to make a booking on the day or at short notice, without costing them a credit. This is because Ronspot maximizes occupancy where it is possible, to ensure that space is utilized to its capabilities.