Setup your Office/Parking Map

Creating a new zone

First thing first, head over to the menu “Zones >Zones” and click on “Add zone” in the top right corner.

Then you simply need to:

  • Give a name to your zone
  • Select between “Office zone” and “Parking zone”
  • Choose “Freestyle” if you have a map, “Grid” if you want to build a map, or “No map” if you want to do without map
  • Select your time zone for the booking time

Setting up your map

Go to the menu “Zones > Zone Layout” and select your zone from the drop down.

Uploading a map

If you already have a map of your office/parking:

Step 1 – Click on “Choose File” at the top of the page, select your file (.jpg and .png files supported) and hit the “Upload” button

Step 2 – Once the map uploaded, drag and drop the space selector (square icon) from the Construction Kit to the map

Step 3 – You will be asked to give a number to the space, or select an existing one

Step 4 – You can now move and adjust the selection to match the desk or parking space

Tip: to save time, simply right click on an existing selection and use the copy/paste option to duplicate it (same size).

Step 5 – Once you have finished, make sure to click on the “Publish” button to make your map to your employees

Building a map

If you don’t have a map, all you need to do is to drag and drop elements from the Construction Kit (left) into the white canvas (right).