Use Credits to Manage Demand

What are credits?

Ronspot uses a system of free virtual credits to:

  • Limit the number of bookings each employee can make in advance each week/month
  • Prevent overbooking
  • Give every employee the same opportunity to make a booking

How it works for administrators

  • The administrator can set a virtual booking cost for each zone (by default 1 booking = 1 credit)
  • The administrator can allocate a limited number of credits per employee on a weekly or monthly basis

How it works for employees

  • These credits allows employees to make bookings (1 booking = 1 credit)
  • When the balance reaches zero, making a booking in advance is no longer possible until the employee gets his credits refilled
  • The credit balance is reset at the beginning of every week/month and credits cannot be carried forward
  • Note: Short-notice bookings (for the same day and for next day after a designed time) don’t cost the employees any credits and can be booked even if an employee doesn’t have any credits left

How many credits should I give to my employees?

Monthly Refill:

Formula: [Number of spaces]  *  21 / [Number of employees]


  • Zone capacity: 50 spaces
  • Average number of working days (monthly): 21 days
  • Zone access: 80 employees
  • 50*21/80 = 13 credits per employee per month

Weekly Refill:

Formula: [Number of spaces]  *  7 / [Number of employees]


  • Zone capacity: 50 spaces
  • Average number of working days (weekly): 5 days
  • Zone access: 80 employees
  • 50*5/180 = 3 credits per employee per week

How to allocate credits individually

Step 1 – Go to the Employees tab

Step 2 – Click on this icon    for the corresponding employee

Step 3 – Set the current credit balance (x credits) for the current week/month

Step 4 – Set the credit refill (y credits)

Step 5 – the credit cycle (weekly or monthly)

How to allocate credits in bulk

If you have a large number of employees, you might be interested in updating employees in bulk.

Step 1 – Go to the Groups tab

Step 2 – Click on the button “Add New Group” in the top right corner and name your group

Step 3 – Click on the #Employees column and select the employees you want to add to the group

Step 4 – Click on the #Zones column and select the zones you want to give the group access to

Step 5 – Click on the icon    and set the credit refill and the credit cycle for the group