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Ronspot is an app developed to deliver meaningful and real-time business intelligence to help enterprises in their parking facility management decisions. It gives full control to employees to schedule, reserve and vacate parking spots in advance as well as in real-time to streamline the use of parking spaces in a corporate environment. No more duplicate entries, overflowing parking spaces or employees who are late to work because they couldn’t find a spot.

With RONSPOT your employees can:

  • Locate an available parking spot instantly. Company available spots and dates at their fingertips.
  • Vacate parking spots they won’t be using and update others on the availability of parking spots.
  • Connect seamlessly with their employee directory, calendar and other data sources.
  • Access the web-based interface anytime, anywhere.

Simplify and streamline day-to-day parking for your entire organisation, in real-time with an intuitive, user-centric app. RONSPOT lets you take full control of parking from beginning to end for optimal parking spot allocation.

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