Ronspot was founded by Michael Furey in Galway, in the picturesque West of Ireland. Together with our dedicated professional team, we are passionate about what we do and what we can achieve together. We believe in the value we bring to our customers and to their employees.

The Team

Michael Furey CEO Ronspot

Michael Furey

Daire O’Brien Account Executive Ronspot

Daire O’Brien

Account Executive
Mathieu Pegeot Digital Marketing Manager Ronspot

Mathieu Pegeot

Digital Marketing Manager
Cathal Chambers Marketing Executive Ronspot

Cathal Chambers

Marketing Executive

Work with Us

We are currently looking for:

SaaS Business Development Manager

During a period of key expansion, Ronspot is looking for an ambitious enterprise Business Development Manager who will participate in accelerating business growth, pro-actively growing the existing client base while developing new business.

What is the Ronspot Flexwork Office Management Solution?

Ronspot is an easy-to-use and powerful application that is designed to manage office parking, hotdesking and employee lockers.

Wrapped into a single convenient App, it allows for the company administrators to set the parking allocation rules and/or hotdesk management strategy from a single back office. This web-based administration panel offers a wide variety of customisation yet is simple to operate.

  • If you are tired of firefighting the daily parking allocation issues then let Ronspot do the hard miles.
  • If you need to manage a work-from-home team who need infrequent or frequent access to an office desk then Ronspot is the solution you need.
  • Control the building itself by setting maximum occupancy levels or set social distancing rules for those at work.

And now with locker management included along with many other features Ronspot, you can be up and running in no time.

In the era of COVID-19 where everyone has got a crash course on working from home, many believe the future of the office is a hybrid model. Flexwork will become the norm as people commute less and work the 3/2 model between home and office. The potential real estate savings for companies could be enormous. But it needs to be managed. Ronspot is that manager. We have been doing it with car parks for years and are doing it now with desks and lockers. Reduce building cost overheads without reducing the workforce. This is the new normal. And Ronspot is the partner that can deliver. Drop me an email, and see the amazing cost savings we can deliver.

Why did we start Ronspot?

Ronspot is composed of a dedicated team of problem solvers. People who recognise the power of technology to make life easier for people. Not add another convoluted task to their daily lives. In 2017 we were approached by a large pharmaceutical company to help them solve their employee parking problems. In a story that we have seen repeated many times, they wanted to know how to manage their employee car park better. With fewer parking spaces than staff who needed them, they had tried many different solutions.

A ‘First Come – First Served’ policy is inherently unfair as it discriminated against those who had to travel further or had to drop children to school. By the time these people got to work all the spaces were taken.

A policy of assigned spaces in a “week on/week off” configuration was fairer but inefficient. There was no easy way to inform others when a space was empty. Surveys found 40% of car park spaces lay empty on some days. A frustrating sight for those forced to park on the street.

To our surprise, there were no ready solutions to this problem. So we did what all good problems solvers like to do, we built a solution. That’s Ronspot.

The team took care to build a solution that could really address the problem; in a fundamental way, not just play at the edges. And careful not to use the problem as a vehicle for cool technology only. We began with the customer experience and worked backwards to the technology. Rather than starting with the technology and try to figure out how we can apply it to the solution.

We believe we have succeeded in this aim. The Ronspot Parking App is the worlds number 1 office parking app. In testimony to its flexible design, hotdesk and locker management are also available. All in the same App. Ronspot is the office management tool of the future.

Who are our office management customers?

ISO Ronspot 27001

Ronspot ISO 27001 Certification

At Ronspot we delight in servicing our many corporate clients all over the world. With partners in Pharmaceutical, Banking, Finance, Aerospace, Medical, Utility Services and many other sectors we value our clients above all else. With a Service Level Agreement promising 99.99% uptime, Ronspot will always perform.

Furthermore, we recognise how important data management and data protection is to our customers. That is why Ronspot is an ISO/IEC 27001 company. We put Information Security Management at the heart of everything we do. Call us today on +353 91 394244, we love to connect.


Ronspot and the cost of office management

Ronspot operates a very simple business model. Just pay for the spots you need to manage. They can be parking spaces, desks, lockers or even buildings. All can be booked from the same simple App. There are no limits on locations, buildings, floors or registered users. Want to manage your worldwide real estate from a single place? That’s Ronspot. Prefer a distributed model where each site or building manages its own facilities? That’s also Ronspot. With amazing flexibility & simplicity, incorporating a simple and predictable cost model.