Find the perfect plan to optimise your workplace with Ronspot


Ideal for small teams and startups, the Community Plan offers basic features to streamline workspace management free of charge.

Limited spaces

Limit of 20 spaces max

Unlimited users and bookings
Book up to 3 days in advance
Interactive floor plans
Meeting room booking

First 12 months


Tailored for growing businesses, the Premium Plan provides essential tools and flexibility to manage the workplace and optimise productivity.

Unlimited spaces

Priced per bundle of 5 spaces

Unlimited users and bookings
Book up to 14 days in advance
Interactive floor plans
Meeting room booking

Starting at
billed annually


Designed for established organisations, the Enterprise Plan offers advanced features to meet the needs of complex workspace environments.

Unlimited spaces

Priced per bundle of 5 spaces

Unlimited users and bookings
Book up to 90 days in advance
Interactive floor plans
Meeting room booking

Starting at
billed annually

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Manage all your parking spaces, desks and meeting rooms from Ronspot

20 maximum

Booking Window

Give your employees enough time to plan ahead

Up to 3 days
Up to 14 days
Up to 90 days


Choose who will oversee and manage your Ronspot account


Multi-Site Management

Manage multiple locations and grant different zone permissions to each administrator

Platforms & Security

Mobile App

Download the Ronspot app from Google Play (Android) or App Store (iOS) and manage all your bookings directly from your phone

Android & iOS
Android & iOS
Android & iOS

Web App

Access Ronspot’s web portal from any web browser and location, 24/7

Multilingual User Interface

Fully translated by native speakers in English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Italian, Czech, and Polish

Microsoft Teams App

Access Ronspot’s web app through Microsoft Teams (non-native app)

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Authenticate your users with Microsoft Azure, Okta, Duo, Google, SAML, or OneLogin for enhanced security

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Add an extra layer of security by enabling MFA for your employees (via Single Sign-On) and administrators

Desk & Parking Booking

Booking Duration

Make your spaces bookable for the entire day or by the hour, with options including 30-minute, 1-hour, 2-hour, 3-hour, 4-hour, and 5-hour timeslots

All Day
From 30 min
All Day
From 30 min
All Day

Space and Vehicle Matching

Specify the size, fuel, accessibility, and shareability of your vehicle(s), and Ronspot will automatically suggest spaces that meet these specifications

Instant Booking Confirmation

Users instantly secure their spots upon completing their booking, eliminating the need to wait for confirmation

Parking Violation Resolution

If you find your reserved spot occupied, click the ‘Report’ button and Ronspot will assign you an alternative spot, subject to availability

Interactive Floor Plans

Visualise and select your favourite spot directly from the map

Colleague/Team Finder

View on the map who’s in the office on a specific day, with the ability to highlight an entire team, or use either the user or role-based search

By user
By user + By team + By role

Recurring Bookings

Get automatically assigned a spot on a daily or weekly basis by an administrator, eliminating the necessity of making individual bookings

Sync Bookings with Calendar

Automatically sync your desk and parking bookings with your Outlook, Teams, Google, and Windows calendars

Visitor Management

Administrators and designated employees can reserve spots for guests, who will receive instructions via email and can check in upon arrival

Meeting Room Booking

Meeting Scheduling

Easily book meeting rooms from Ronspot

Recurring Meetings

Arrange a one-time meeting or set it to repeat daily, weekly, biweekly, or annually

Booking Approval

Streamline the booking process by allowing designated approvers to manage requests

2-Way Sync

Synchronise meetings bidirectionally through Microsoft Exchange for Outlook and Teams.

Organiser Check-In

Ensure booking accuracy by prompting organisers to confirm via QR code

Demand & Priority Management

Credit System

Manage demand by limiting the number of bookings each user can make every week or month

Booking Restrictions

Specify which employees or groups of employees have permission to book each space

By employee
By employee + By group

Booking Priorities

Determine how far in advance different user groups can book, giving priority users early access to spots

Queue & Waitlist

Allow selected users to join a waiting list when spots are unavailable, with positions advancing as cancellations occur


Prompt users to check in manually via QR code scanning or button click, or automatically via WiFi connection (coming soon) or barrier integration

Auto-Cancellation of Unconfirmed Bookings

Prompt users to confirm their bookings beforehand, with automatic cancellation for unconfirmed ones

Booking Supervision

Assign team leaders the ability to sign in as other users and manage their bookings


Adjustable User Permissions

Customise access permissions for each user or group, specifying the zones they can access

By employee
By employee
By employee + By group

Custom Email Templates

Customise the content of every email templates and push notifications sent by Ronspot

Custom Search Attributes

Create custom search attributes and assign them to your desks, parking spaces, and meeting rooms as needed

Custom Questions/Survey

Prompt users to respond to personalised questions before completing their booking

White Labelling

Integrate your brand by displaying your own logo across the mobile app

Barrier Integration

Integrate Ronspot with your parking barriers through ACT365, iPevia, or Equinsa, ensuring access only to users with bookings


Live Dashboard

Gain real-time insights into current occupancy and bookings

Advanced Reports

Access over 10 detailed reports to analyse user booking behaviours

Excel and CSV Export

Export data effortlessly in Excel and CSV formats for further analysis


Self-Service Help Centre

Access comprehensive online resources for quick problem-solving

Onboarding User Guides

Guide new users through the platform with detailed onboarding materials

Customer Support

Receive assistance from dedicated support teams whenever needed using our contact form, live chat or phone number

Initial Account Setup

Get started swiftly with expert assistance in setting up your account


User & Administrator Training

Provide comprehensive training sessions for both users and administrators

Optional (€250/session)
Optional (€250/session)

Dedicated Account Manager

Benefit from personalised support and guidance from a designated account manager throughout your journey

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