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Ronspot is the leading parking and desk management system for law and consulting firms.

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What problems is Ronspot helping law firms with?

Managing an office with COVID-19 restrictions and a car park with limited parking spaces turn out to be a veritable headache for law firms.

Many firms have decided to implement Ronspot desk and parking management to address some common issues, including:

  • employees would drive to the office and realise that all the parking spaces and/or desks are taken
  • the same employees would always get the available spaces
  • social distancing and limited capacity would not always be respected in the office
  • the management of the company would have no visibility on who are in the office

Ronspot is designed to help solicitors and law firms

Ronspot has been especially designed to deal with limited desk spaces and parking operating at reduced capacity due to COVID restrictions. Below are some of Ronspot key features that are ideal for consulting and law firms:

Available Remotely 24/7

Employees can access their Ronspot account anytime from anywhere and make bookings remotely 24/7.

Flexible Working

Employees can view the availability of desks and/or parking spaces from their Ronspot account and decide themselves when to come to the office.

Interactive Floorplans

Ronspot also allows employees to view the floorplan of their offices and car parks and select on the interactive map the space they wish to reserve.

Office fllor plan, interactive booking map - best meeting room software 2022

Social Distancing

Ronspot is incorporating dynamic and effective social distancing rules in order to ensure the safety of employees and optimise the occupancy.

Demand Management

A fair system of credits (tokens) is included in Ronspot to limit the number of future bookings every employees can make and ensure that they are given the same chance.

Data Security

Protecting companies’ privacy is our top priority here at Ronspot and our ISO 27001 accreditation is a proof of how seriously we take data security.

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