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Ronspot parking and desk booking systems are designed for flexible working. Are your employees returning to work soon? Ronspot has the solution for all your flexible working needs.

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Ronspot is helping financial service companies with their parking and desking


Finance companies with offices based in city centers can find managing parking and desking difficult.

With very limited space, both outside and inside, a workplace management system is key to seamlessly organizing desking and parking. See how it can help below:

  • finance companies in city centers often have limited parking spaces available on site
  • unfair systems result in employees not being able to book a parking spot or desk space
  • employees that drive to work and do not get a space on-site have to park offsite and pay for the parking
  • parking spaces in cities costs approximately €10,000 per space each year
  • empty parking spaces are therefore a sunk cost for facilities teams
  • desk booking systems minimize the possibility of over-capacity offices
  • the management of the company would have no visibility on who are on-site
Ronspot is perfect for finance companies, financial services,banks, accounting firms and fintech

Ronspot is designed to help finance companies

Ronspot has been especially designed to deal with limited desk spaces and parking operating at reduced capacity due to COVID restrictions. Below are some of Ronspot key features that are perfect for financial services companies:

Live Availability Booking

Staff can view real-time availability of parking and desk from their phone and reserve a space remotely prior to going to work.

Fair Allocation System

By limiting the number of bookings every member of the staff can make in advance, every employee is given the same opportunity to make a booking

Auto-Release System

The auto-release feature keeps your allocation optimized by releasing spots that have not been taken. This means any spot that has not been checked in to is released.

Ronspot for finance companies - parking management and desk booking system


Use the check-in/check-out feature to see when staff check-in to their spots. Created to increase occupancy and aid workplace management.

Social Distancing

Ronspot allows you to set social distancing rules. These rules ensure that staff that book a desk are correctly socially distanced at work.

Spot Tag Filters

Now you can tag your desk spaces and distinguish between desks that have dual monitors, power sources, ethernet cable or standing desks.

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