Scheduling platform for office resources

The Scheduling Platform to Simplify Booking Team Resources

The feature rich scheduling platform

Booking Credits

Booking credits are used to manage resource demand. Credits can reserve a resource and ensure fair usage.


The scheduler feature allows teams to auto-schedule desks and other resources to employees

Notifications & Reminders

Get push notifications directly to the app and email to ensure that occupancy is maximised

Autorelease function

The auto-release function ensures that unused resources are made available to be scheduled by other employees

Choosing fixed spaces is easy

For organisations that schedule employees or use fixed spaces, a scheduling platform is essential. Give your staff peace of mind with a fixed desk or parking space. Schedule lockers, meals, and other resources with our scheduling platform. Schedule resources, rooms, spaces, and more with Ronspot.

The Workplace Management Software trusted by world's leading companies

Manage your resources fairly

Scheduling resources in the modern office can be a challenge. Some teams used a fixed desk policy, while others choose to hot desk. A scheduling platform allows you to do both. This scheduling platform allows you to schedule your employees into fixed spaces, while allowing others to book their own spaces in real-time. Giving you complete control over your organisation, and more flexibility in how you operate your office. Get started with your free trial below.

The scheduling platform for Enterprises

Some of our Enterprise customers use the scheduling platform to schedule their employees efficiently across multiple locations. Permanent employees can be allocated their own fixed space. Organisations can manage multiple locations from the one system, moreover, they can manage multiple forms of resources in the single platform.

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