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Managing large parking lots and office plans can prove to be difficult for government and public sector organisations.

Ronspot is the leading parking and desk management system for central and local government, government agencies and public sector.

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What problem is Ronspot helping government departments with?

With limited number of parking spaces and office capacity restrictions due to COVID-19, government bodies have to deal with multiple challenges:

  • the office and the car park would not always be full due to a lack of communication and flexibility
  • the same employees would get a parking space and a desk assigned all the time, creating a sense of unfairness and frustration among the rest of staff
  • employees would feel nervous about driving to work, not knowing if they will find a car park on-site, or if someone will be seated within social distance of their desk.
  • managers would find it difficult to coordinate their team remotely and ask them to come to the office in turns
  • the company’s management would not know which employees are on-site and would not be able to trace contacts in case of a COVID outbreak

Trusted by central governments and public sector organisations

How is Ronspot helping government agencies?

Ronspot has been specially designed to deal with overfilled car parks and offices. Below are some of Ronspot key features that are particularly appreciated by government department, state agencies and bodies:

Real Time Availability Booking

Employee can view live availability of desks and parking spaces directly from their phone and reserve one prior to going to work.

Schedule Rota

Teams and departments can be scheduled into their weekly rotas. Employees can easily view from the app when they have to come to the office and which desk or parking space they must use.

Fair Allocation System

To manage demand fairly and give every employee the same opportunity, Ronspot is able to limit the number of bookings every employee can make in advance.

Full Admin Visibility

With Ronspot, administrators can view and edit all the bookings and available spaces from the account dashboard. They also have access to custom reporting and analytics for actionable insights.

Auto-Release System

To make the system as dynamic as possible, Ronspot incorporates an auto-release feature that asks employees to confirm their booking the night before. If they fail to confirm, the space is automatically released for other employees to use.

Data Protection

Ronspot is ISO 27001 certified -the highest international recognised security standard. We take data security very seriously and protecting companies’ privacy is our top priority.

Ronspot is brilliant, I can’t fault it, it has made my day to day workload easier to complete. The involvement with the day to day running of the car park is minimal in comparison to before we had Ronspot.

Nadia Smallwood

Department of Health

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