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LK Shields are a corporate and commercial law firm with offices in Dublin, London, and Galway. With their office space in Dublin City, parking spaces are limited. Therefore, they needed something to allow them to manage their parking spaces and allow employees to begin hybrid working.

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Dublin, Ireland

Managing Demand

What problem was Ronspot introduced to solve?

LK Shields office in the centre of Dublin has more employees than available parking spaces. Therefore, the biggest problem they had was managing their demand. Moreover, they wanted a solution that would facilitate hybrid working for employees. So, the system needed to manage parking spaces and desk spaces.

How has Ronspot helped to solve this problem?

Since Ronspot’s introduction, LK Shields employees are now able to work hybrid and plan their weeks in advance. Marketing Director, Emer Craig said it has “reduced a layer of anxiety or concern around travel because it just made travelling into the office very easy”.

Employees are now able to book their parking space on the app, and know that when they arrive to the office they will have a place to park. The employees won’t be forced to pay for parking off-site.

Office Manager, Helen Dalton finds that “staff can take their booking into their own hands, so there is less admin in the office regarding spaces”. Watch the full video to see more about how LK Shields use Ronspot below.

The impact of Ronspot on the


Ronspot gives staff the flexibility to work from home or hybrid work, while allowing them to drive to work in the morning or in the afternoon.


Emer Craig said, “Ronspot has assisted LK Shields facilitate onsite working and hybrid working with our staff members, it really makes it completely seamless”.


Helen found that Ronspot “reduced the admin associated with the car park and also with desk spaces because it’s a self-service tool, so the staff can book themselves in or cancel a space if needed”.

The admin panel for myself to use has been very easy, it’s very user-friendly and I can easily see who is booked into the office on which day

Helen Dalton

Office Manager

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