SSE Airtricity

SSE Airtricity is Ireland’s leading renewable energy provider, they supply clean, green energy to homes and businesses across the country.

With SSE growing and more and more staff coming on board, managing parking allocation soon proved to be problematic. Ronspot was introduced to ensure the car park is filled to capacity each day and give every employee the chance to make a booking.

Energy Provider

Dublin, Ireland

230+ Employees

What problem was Ronspot introduced to solve?

Headquartered in South County Business Park in Dublin, SSE Airtricity has been growing continuously over the years but the size of their car park has remained the same.

With parking space allocations giving on the length of the employees’ service with SSE Airtricity, the company quickly run into several issues:

  • unfair system causing divide between old and new staff
  • new staff having to take public transport to get to work often missing out on important meetings
  • underground car park only ever filled to approximately 60-70% every day due to a lack of flexibility
  • contingency parking site incurring extra costs

How has Ronspot helped to solve this problem?

“Michael and his team worked tirelessly behind the scene’s to ensure that my staff who had underground parking, still had this but were shown how to release and how my staff at our contingency site were able to avail of this free spots and the different times they could book”.

Additionally, with staff booked on a 4 day rota, Ronspot allowed SSE to create a schedule matching the rota, allocating automatically parking spaces to these employees and freeing up spaces on the days they are not at work for other employees to book.

Ronspot Users
Car Spaces
Parking Occupancy
Yearly Savings

The impact of Ronspot on the


Before Ronspot, SSE was having on average 20-30 spots free every day, causing the company approximately €1,000 a car parking spot to rent at their contingency site. Ronspot is now ensuring that SSE’s underground carpark is filled to 100% each day, saving the company €20,000-30,000 every year on their contingency parking.


For staff members who never parked on site, now having the opportunity to park on site has really boosted their morale. It didn’t take long for staff members to be fully comfortable using the app and their feedback has all being positive.


Ronspot has also had a significant impact on Stephen Reardon, the company’s facilities manager, making his day-to-day tasks much easier and giving him full control and sight of all bookings.

It has made my life as a Facilities Manager so much easier, I have full control and sight of all bookings. It has freed up so much time for me during my
working day. I would have no problem recommending Ronspot.

Stephen Reardon

Facilities Manager

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