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Office workplace coordinator, Robson Gomes, found himself and his team spending a lot of their time managing their employee parking. This was becoming increasingly time-consuming and needed to be automated.

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Dublin, Ireland

120 Employees

MongoDB manage their parking with Ronspot

What problem was Ronspot introduced to solve?

MongoDB found themselves allocating their parking spots to employees manually, which was adding to an already heavy workload for the team. With 120 employees and 26 parking spaces, manually allocating spots was time consuming. Moreover, it was very difficult to allocate these spaces fairly to employees.

Similarly, MongoDB did not have a log of their employees car registration plates, in case of any parking issues. So, they implemented Ronspot to help:

  • Automate company parking
  • Reduce manual admin work
  • Deal with parking violations easily

How has Ronspot helped to solve this problem?

Ronspot was introduced to fairly manage a limited number of parking spaces, amongst over 100 employees. After employees downloaded the app and began to use the system, Robson said that:

“Ronspot helped us to share this responsibility of managing the car spaces with the employee in a way that’s fair and that everyone is treated with equality. Now we have a database of our employees car plates and it’s also easy to find if someone parked incorrectly.”

Using the ‘report a violation‘ feature in the app, employees can report any car parked incorrectly. The owner of the car will receive a notification asking them to move the car. Additionally, if there is a free space, Ronspot will send the reporter to the free space so they do lose their spor, or waste time.

Ronspot Users
Parking Spaces
User Friendly App

The impact of Ronspot on the


MongoDB now have an automated parking management system. Which means fair allocation for employees and less time spent managing the parking for admins.


Employees are now able to use the Ronspot app to make bookings for the car park. This system provides a fairer chance at getting a spot – espcially using the credit booking system.


By being an easy tool for users and admin and for bringing the current features, Ronspot allows the admins to spend less time managing parking and more time on more pressing tasks.

I highly recommend Ronspot for any company that is looking for a solution for managing their car spaces.

Robson Gomes

Senior Workplace Coordinator EMEA

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