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Berks, Bucks, and Oxon Wildlife Trust (BBOWT) is one of 46 Wildlife Trusts working for wildlife across the UK. With a team of 150 staff look after 86 nature reserves and four education centres.

BBOWT wanted to allow employees to come back to the office and book desks safely onsite – with social distancing.

BBO Wildlife Trust background

Wildlife Trust

Oxford, UK

150 Employees

Berks, Bucks and Oxon Wildlife Trust - Social distancing with Ronspot. Keep staff safe at work

What problem was Ronspot introduced to solve?

Following the reopening of offices in the UK, BBOWT wanted to allow staff to return to office. However, they wanted to ensure that employees were socially distanced and could come into the office on a hybrid working basis. In searching for a solution, they found Ronspot and began to test the desk booking system.

They began by:

  • Creating their office map using the ‘Creator Kit’
  • Setting up social distancing rules
  • Training employees on how to use Ronspot

How has Ronspot helped to solve this problem?

Once Ronspot was setup, users were free to book their socially distanced spots accordingly.

Andrew Inkley, Lead Facilities Manager, said:

  1. Ronspot “has allowed us to achieve what we set out to do which was: increase the number of people working in offices”.
  2. “Allowed staff to feel comfortable to return to offices”.
  3. “Allow us to monitor office use and to maximise the space we have and identify under used areas”.

Additonally, staff are using it well and the system works well for BBOWT.

Ronspot Users
Desk Spaces
Social Distancing

The impact of Ronspot on the


Using the social distancing protocols, Ronspot can ensure staff are safe at work. Furthermore, the app has allowed BBOWT to better optimise their space management across their offices.


With social distancing built-in to the app, Ronspot has made employees feel more comfortable when returning to work in the office, at each stage of their process.


Admins were able to build floor plans from scratch and then add desks freely. Moreover, admins could monitor employee usage and get occupancy reports from Ronspot analytics.
Does as it says on the can, works well and is stable.

Andrew Inkley

Lead Facilities Manager

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