Fenergo is a fintech company and the number 1 provider of Digital Client Lifecycle and regulatory compliance technologies in the world.

They implemented to Ronspot to help with their new hybrid working and reduced desk allowance. They now use Ronspot across 7 of their locations for both parking and desk management.

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7 Locations

450+ Employees

Hybrid working solution for the Fenergo offices.

What problem was Ronspot introduced to solve?

As a result of the pandemic, Fenergo had decided to allow their staff to begin hybrid working. This meant employees were given the responsibility to choose when they worked onsite or from home. They also had to reduce their number of desks in the office to manage their social distancing. As a result, they implemented Ronspot to help with this challenge.

So, they company began using Ronspot to manage:

  • Desking in 7 locations including (Ireland, Canada, the UK and Australia) and
  • Parking parking in both of their Dublin offices.

How has Ronspot helped to solve this problem?

Ronspot was gradually introduced into these different locations. What was important for Fenergo was how easy it was to onboard new offices to the existing Ronspot account. Moreover, the use of single sign-on meant registering employees was easy with less administration for the administrators.

Now Ronspot allows employees to book their desks and parking spaces in advance of their visit to the office. Both the parking spots and desks can be booked from the one app, so it is easy for employees to make their flexible working arrangements in the Ronspot app.

Ronspot Users
Desk Spaces
Parking Spaces

The impact of Ronspot on the


Now Fenergo can manage their hybrid working across multiple locations – all in the one place. Admins can easily access the system and make location specific changes with very little effort.


For employees, they can now begin planning their days in the office through the Ronspot mobile app. So, employees can choose where they work and be guaranteed their spot each day.


“We have found the app very easy to use and the SSO is a great help as it reduces administration with adding users from our side.”

Michael and the team have been extremely quick to respond to any requests that we have had and have solved any issues as soon as we reported to them.

Orlaith Elliott

Facilities Management

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