Department of Health

The Department of Health is the government department overseeing the health service in Ireland. Headquartered in Dublin, they selected Ronspot to help them control and monitor the access to a busy car park they share with other tenants.

With ten times more employees than parking spaces available, Ronspot parking management system was introduced to help their staff reserve parking when they need it and in a fairly manner.

Department of Health background

Public Health

Dublin, Ireland

500+ Employees

Busy car park

What problem was Ronspot introduced to solve?

The Department of Health moved in 2018 into Miesian Plaza -an office building complex located in the heart of Dublin. Sharing the car park with three other Government Departments, the landlord’s agents and two private companies soon proved to be challenging. With over 500 staff and only 45 designated spaces to the Department of Health (one parking space for every 11 employees), they quickly started to have issues with:

  • controlling access to their section of the car park
  • monitoring who was using the designated space on any given day
  • ensuring a fair allocation between their staff

How has Ronspot helped to solve this problem?

Ronspot has helped greatly with managing access to the car park, giving full control to employees and saving administrators countless hours arranging and rearranging parking assignments. All the employees now make bookings prior to going to work from their phone and are fully aware they can only park in the space they have been assigned to.

The administrators on the other hand can check at a glance who is parked where from the admin dashboard and if there is an issue it can be resolved rapidly.

Lastly, Ronspot’s credit system has been much welcomed and appreciated by all the staff due to the fairness of the system, solving the issue of limited parking while giving every employee the same chance of making a booking.

Ronspot Users
Car Spaces
Parking Occupancy
Reduction in Team’s Workload

The impact of Ronspot on the


Ronspot has had a direct impact on the car park efficiency, increasing the parking occupancy of the Department of Health from 50% to 100% on most days.


Ronspot credit-booking system has been a game changer and has received positive feedback from the staff due to the fairness of the system.


Ronspot has cut the administrators’ workload by 75%, saving them countless hours arranging and rearranging parking assignments.

Ronspot is brilliant, I can’t fault it, it has made my day to day workload easier to complete. The involvement with the day to day running of the car park is minimal in comparison to before we had Ronspot.

Nadia Smallwood

Executive Officer

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