Ottobock Healthcare is a med-tech company founded in Germany in 1919. Today, the company employs 8,000 people in almost 60 countries worldwide. Moreover, they are the global market leader in prosthetics.

Ottobock’s office in the UK were tasked with bringing employees back to the office safely. They wanted to ensure staff felt safe when working in the office.

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Egham, UK

120+ Employees

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What problem was Ronspot introduced to solve?

Due to Covid-19, employees at Ottobock were forced to work from home for a full year. This meant no employees in the office throughout this time.

Following the reopening of offices in the UK, Ottobock wanted to ensure that they could bring back their staff to the office safely. They started to look for a solution that could:

  • Set capacity limits for office access
  • Ensure staff are safe when they work in the office
  • Allow employees to start flexible working

How has Ronspot helped to solve this problem?

Following the implementation, according to Operations Manager Helen Roderick, “Ronspot allowed us to limit the volume of staff that could come in each day, while ensuring we were adhering to current government guidelines such as social distancing“. Ronspot manages the capacity limits in the office to ensure your office is compliant with safety protocols.

Additionally, Helen mentioned that “being able to book via an app that everyone has access to, while still encouraging flexible working means that staff are able to plan their time now in the office now”.  The system seeks to ensure that flexible working is made simple for employees and staff. Using credits, Ronspot can allow staff to make limited bookings based on the company’s flexible working policy.

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The impact of Ronspot on the


Ronspot allowed Ottobock to bring staff back to the office safely with capacity limits and social distancing, whilst facilitating flexible working for employees.


Employees can book their days in the office through the app – allowing them to plan their days in the office in advance.


Admins find “the support when we’ve had questions has been brilliant -whether it can be resolved in an email or via a video call”.

The app has been received positively by all staff members – as it allows them to plan their owns weeks & time based in the office.

Helen Roderick

Operations Manager

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