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Ronspot desk booking system

Give your employees the ability to select and book themselves a desk from an interactive map, directly from the Ronspot app. Our desk reservation software allows you to limit the office capacity, maintain social distancing rules between desks and easily monitor all the bookings from the dashboard.

Ronspot parking management system

Ronspot office parking management system has been specially designed to help companies with more employees than parking spaces available. With Ronspot, employees can now view real-time availability and book a parking space prior to going to work at the tap of a button, directly from the app.

How it works

Ronspot Admin Panel

After creating a free Ronspot company account, administrators can easily map their office and car park layout in Ronspot, and start setting up group or individual rules for their staff. Ronspot is 100% cloud-based and can be accessed anytime, from anywhere, on any device.

Ronspot Mobile App

Getting employees on board has never been easier with Ronspot, and can be done in 2 steps:

  • download the Ronspot app – available for free on Google Play and the App Store
  • login with Single Sign-On using existing Microsoft, Google, Okta, or Duo credentials

Don’t have a phone or single sign-on? Employees can also access the booking system online and register using their email address.

All-in-One System

Desk booking and parking reservation can be managed from the same account and can be booked by employees from the same app.

Ronspot Desk and Parking management admin panel and mobile app

Booking calendar

Real-Time Availability

The calendar shows live availability of desks and parking spaces, with an intuitive design:

Availability on the day    No availability on the day    Your reserved space

With Ronspot Enterprise, employees can make bookings up to 90 days in advance, vs 14 days for Ronspot Premium and 3 days for Ronspot Community. Compare our pricing plans here.

Zone Selection (offices, car parks, floors, etc.)

At the top of the screen, employees can use the dropdown menu to switch between the desk zones and parking zones they have been granted access to – each zone having its own booking calendar.

Tag Filtering

Employees also have the ability to select attributes to narrow down their research, and filter the type of desks or parking spaces they wish to reserve.

Interactive maps/ floorplans

Booking from Map

Ronspot incorporates an interactive office and parking floorplan system, allowing staff to:

  • view available spots and colleagues’ booking on the same map
  • select the exact desk or parking space they wish to reserve directly on the map
  • receive an instant booking confirmation

Map Builder

A floorplan of the office and the car park can be directly imported to Ronspot, and every space can be made interactive using our drag & drop selector.

Don’t have a map? Ronspot also includes a map builder, allowing you to drag and drop desks, parking spaces, walls, doors, furniture, etc into a blank canvas.

Social Distancing

With our social distancing quick selection, administrators can make their desks COVID-secure with a few clicks, simply selecting on the map the desks located within social distance of one another.

After a desk is booked, this desk and all the related desks will instantly become unavailable for other employees to book.

Ronspot Interactive Office and Parking maps and floorplans with social distancing

Demand management

Credit System

To prevent staff from overbooking and give every employee the same opportunity to make a booking, Ronspot can limit the number of bookings staff can make in advance by

  • assigning every desk and parking space a cost in credits (e.g. 1 booking = 1 credit)
  • allocating every employee a limited number of virtual credits on a monthly or weekly basis

Conversely, next-day bookings (after 6 p.m.) and same-day bookings are free (0 credit) and based on a first come, first served basis, to ensure a full occupancy of the office and parking everyday.

Schedule & Assigned/Restricted Spaces

To implement a shift rota, administrators have the ability to automatically schedule employee bookings on repeated weekdays, every week or every two weeks. A desk or a parking space can also be:

  • assigned to an employee permanently, or for a day only (incl. guess booking)
  • made available in the app to selected employees only

Space Release

Employees can release their reserved space anytime with a tap of button and gain their credit back instantly. Their spot will be instantly released to the pool for other employees to use. Ronspot also incorporates a system of auto-release that automatically notify employees with a booking on the evening before. If the booking is not confirmed, the spot is automatically released.

Ronspot Parking and Desk booking schedule with auto-release
Ronspot Desk and Parking check in system with QR code


Check-In & Check-Out

With Ronspot, employees can confirm directly in the app they have arrived and left the office:

  • with a tap of a button (clock-in and clock-out system)
  • or by scanning an autogenerated QR code (each spot having a unique QR code)

Team Leaders

By creating teams and appointing one or several leaders per team, the team leaders are given the ability to oversee other employees’ bookings and make bookings on their behalf, reducing admin workload.

Dashboard & Analytics

Administrators can view in real time from the dashboard all the bookings and available spots day by day.

They also have access to a variety of analytics reports, including valuable and actionable insight about daily occupancy, demand, unused bookings, contact tracing, etc. for the last 90 days.

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Staff benefits

Shape the flexible workplace of tomorrow

Flexible Working

Employees can view colleagues bookings and decide when to go to the office, making the bookings themselves.

Anytime Anywhere

Booking system accessible 24/7 directly from the employee’s phone or online.

Easy to Use

Staff can select on a map the desk or parking space they want, book it in less than 5 seconds, and get an instant confirmation​.

Transparent & Fair

Ronspot credit system prevents the staff from overbooking, giving every employee the same opportunity to make a booking.


Employees can now go to the office stress-free​ with a reserved and socially-distanced space.

Company benefits

Combine workplace flexibility with efficiency

Easy to Implement

Ronspot is 100% cloud-based and no hardware is required.​ Your account can be set and up in running within a few hours.

Efficiency Improvement & Cost Reduction

Ronspot helps reducing the daily workload of facility managers, while ensuring maximum occupancy up to 100%.

Low Maintenance

The app operates itself, and required little oversight. Simply set up your rules and let your staff and team leaders do the rest.

Full Control & Visiblity

Admins have full visibility of bookings on the dashboard, full control over them and access to valuable Analytics reports.

Data Protection

Ronspot is ISO 27001 certified and is fully compliant with GDPR. We use Amazon-cloud system (AWS) for maximum data security.


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