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Office Parking Management & Hot Desk Booking made simple

One platform to manage office parking and hot desk booking, and allow employees to reserve parking and/or workspace directly from their phone

Office Parking Management and Hot Desk Booking App


Make your office parking fair, easy and stress-free

Keeping your employees happy with guaranteed parking via an easy-to-use application is the best advantage of using our smart parking system. Your employees can view live availability and reserve parking when they need it, taking the stress out of allocating spaces and dealing with frustrated staff with nowhere to park.


After installing our parking management app on their phone, employees can view live and up-to-date availability of parking spaces and manage their parking schedule easily via a real-time calendar.


5 seconds is all it takes for your employees to book a parking spot. They can pick a date with a simple tap on the live calendar from 30 seconds to 90 days in advance and the app will automatically allocate a parking spot to them.


To ensure a maximum occupancy of your car park and a fair parking allocation between employees, the Ronspot app uses a clever system of free credits to limit the number of spots that can be booked in advance by a same employee and offers unlimited short-notice bookings on a first-come, first-served basis.


The Ronspot parking app is free and available for both iOS and Android -no further software is required- and it only takes a few minutes to get started. Our office hoteling software is directly integrated within the same app.


Make your employees feel safe to come to work

Ronspot Hot Desk is the best desk booking solution to help your employees reserve desks throughout the day and stay safe during and after the COVID-19 pandemic following social distancing rules.


Design your office with social distancing guidelines in mind and we’ll map out an interactive floor plan of your office. Our desk hoteling software can support multiple floors, buildings, offices, and time zones. Employees can then log in to the app, select a desk directly on the map and reserve the desk time they need with a simple tap.


Desks are made available at alternate times to keep employees safe in the office. Once a desk is booked all the desks within the social sphere will become automatically unbookable for other employees.


Our desk booking app shows real-time availability of desks and clearly marks which desks are free to reserve. Employees can book in advance or on the same day and choose their preferred time slot.


To make sure every employee has the same chance to go to the office and book a desk, they are automatically issued a number of free credits each month and can make a limited number of bookings in advance using these credits and as many short-notice bookings as they want on a first-come, first-served basis.


The Ronspot desk reservation app is available for both iOS and Android for free and no further software is required. Our parking management solution is directly integrated within the same app.

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Why choose Ronspot Employee Parking & Desk Management app?

We streamline and optimize the use of employee parking spaces in corporate environments while incorporating desk management solutions.
Therefore, if you work for a company with limited parking spaces, desk management issues or want to control workplace social distancing, we can help.

Guaranteed Parking & Desk

The Ronspot app uses an allocation system that guarantees parking spaces and hot desks for your employees. The credit system is transparent and easy to understand.

 Reduced Costs

Ronspot ensures maximum occupancy of your available parking spaces and desks. Your employees can claim or release spaces instantly, reducing costs for both employers and employees.

 Real-Time Management

With Ronspot, you can view live and up-to-date availability of parking spaces and desks, and let your employees manage their schedule through a real-time dashboard.

Managing Violations

If an employee finds someone parked in their reserved spot, they can simply flag the violation on the app to let the offender know. Ronspot will automatically assign a new parking spot if one is available.

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How It Works

Solve your employee parking problems with just a few clicks. Managing your office parking spaces is easy with Ronspot.

  • Ronspot app is easy to use the employee enters their details and chooses when they need a parking spot. Once selected and confirmed, the app will allocate a parking spot to them. 
  • Employees use free, but limited, credits to reserve parking spaces. Reserving parking on the same day does not use any credits. 
  • If an employee doesn’t need the parking spot they reserved, they can release it and get their credits back.
  • If someone has parked in a reserved space, the employee can report a violation on the app. The owner of the vehicle will be emailed and another space will be allocated if one is available.

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