Desk, Parking & Meeting Booking System

The 3-in-1 Desk, Parking and Meeting Management Solution for the Hybrid Workplace

Ronspot workplace management software with desk, parking and meeting room booking

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Ronspot desk booking system

Give your employees the ability to select and book themselves a desk from an interactive map, directly from the Ronspot app. 

Ronspot office parking management system

Ronspot office parking management system has been specially designed to help companies with more employees than parking spaces available. 

Ronspot meeting room booking system

Help your employees schedule meetings by selecting an available timeslot from a live calendar and sending calendar invites to participants automatically.

The flexible Desk, Parking & Meeting Room solution

3-in-1 booking solution

Manage your desks, parking spaces and meeting rooms from the same app

Interactive map

Allow your employees to select a spot from the map, and book it for a few hours or full day

Booking priorities

Restrict a spot to specific employees, and lift the restrictions after a specific time

Demand management

Use credits to limit how many bookings each employee can make, and prevent overbooking

Employee management

Easily connect with SSO, set recurring bookings, restrict zone access permissions, etc.

Booking reminders

Never forget a booking with automatic email reminders, full calendar sync, and easy cancellation.


Get access to 10+ advanced reports on resource usage and booking patterns

Easy setup

Get your mind at ease with onboarding assistance, training sessions and 5-star support

Ready-to-use solution for desk, parking and meeting management

3-in-1 booking solution

With Ronspot, you can now manage all your desks, parking spaces and meeting rooms from a unique account. As a result, your employees can view the availability of these resources and book all three from the same app!

Available on Android, iOS, and web app

Getting your employees on board has never been easier with Ronspot. All they have to do is download the Ronspot mobile app —available on Google Play and App Store— or access online using their web browser, before logging in with their company email address.

Single Sign-On (SSO) integrations

Additionally, Ronspot integrates with the most popular Single Sign-On methods —including Microsoft Azure, Google, Okta, Duo, and OneLogin— so that employees can login with existing credentials.

Homepage of the Ronspot app with desk, parking and meeting bookings
Calendar view of the Ronspot app to show how to book a desk, parking space and meeting room

Empower your staff to make their own decisions

Multi-zone compatible

Employees can easily switch between multiple office and parking zones at the touch of a button. As an administrator, you can create as many zones as you like (e.g. different floors, locations, etc.), and restrict the access of each employee or group of employees to specific zones. As a result, only the authorised zones will appear in the dropdown menu of the employee.

Desk, parking and meeting room availability

After selecting a zone, employees can view at a glance the availability in this zone in real time and up to 90 days in advance from the booking calendar:

Available desk or parking spaceDay with availability    Unavailable desk or parking space=e Day without availability    P25 Your reserved spot

Demand management

In the event that you don’t have enough parking spaces or desks for all your staff, simply switch on the credit system to limit the number of bookings every employee can make in advance. This will give every employee the same opportunity to make a booking, and efficiently prevent overbooking.

Make desk, parking & meeting bookings easy

Interactive office and parking map

Ronspot incorporates an interactive map system that allows employees to:

  • view which spots are available and where their colleagues are seating
  • select from the map the exact desk or parking space they wish to book 
  • reserve it for a few hours, or for the full day
  • receive an instant booking confirmation

Filter desks, parking spaces and meeting rooms

Employees also have the ability to select attributes to narrow down their research, and filter the type of desks or parking spaces they wish to reserve. As a result, the updated availability will be instantly reflected on both the map and calendar view.

Booking reminders and calendar sync

Lastly, automatic reminders can be set up in Ronspot to automatically remind employees of their next-day bookings, and encourage them to cancel if not going to work. Additionally, all bookings made in Ronspot can be automatically sync with the employee’s work calendar —including Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Teams, Google and Windows calendar.

Map view on the Ronspot workplace management app
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