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Managing large parking lots and office plans often turns out to be a challenge for pharmaceutical and healthcare companies.

Ronspot is the leading parking and desk management system for multinational pharmaceutical companies, health care services, hospitals and laboratories.

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What problem is Ronspot helping pharma companies with?

With usually more employees than parking spaces or desks available, allocating spaces can become a real headache and create various types of problems:

  • unfair system as not every employee have the opportunity to obtain a parking space or a desk
  • employees would drive around the site looking for an empty parking spot, becoming a significant source of frustration for them
  • car park and the office would not be fully occupied due to a lack of flexibility
  • any employees arriving late would likely fail to get a parking space
  • those who could not get parking on-site would park their cars in the neighborhood
  • the management of the company would have no visibility on who are on-site

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How is Ronspot helping pharmaceutical companies?

Ronspot has been especially designed to deal with overfilled car parks and offices. Below are some of Ronspot key features that are particularly appreciated by pharma and healthcare companies:

Live Availability Booking

Staff can view real-time availability of parking and desk from their phone and reserve a space remotely prior to going to work.

Schedule Rota

Now different teams and departments can be scheduled into their weekly rotas. Employees can view their work schedule through the Ronspot app.

Fair Allocation System

By limiting the number of bookings every member of the staff can make in advance, every employee is given the same opportunity to make a booking

Auto-Release System

The auto-release feature keeps your allocation optimized by releasing spots that have not been taken. This means any spot that has not been checked in to is released.

Violation Enforcement

Booking violations can be reported by users. The employee who has committed the violation is sent a notification and email to alert them of this instantly.

Full Admin Visibility

Administrators have full visibility of the bookings, violations and spaces across the account dashboard. Not to mention access to custom reporting and analytics.

I am a huge supporter of Ronspot and have no hesitation recommending it to any new and potential customers. Ronspot are very pro-active in finding a solution for all challenges that come up.

Margaret Geraghty

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