Complete space management with ronspot

The Complete Space Management System for the Modern Organisation

The total space management system with

Space Booking App

Employees can book parking spaces, rooms, desks, lockers, and more from the Ronspot app

Complete Visibility

Company admins have complete visibility over their space. They can see space bookings across their chosen areas and zones.

Zone Management

Manage multiple zones in one account. Manage different parking lots, offices, floors, and areas with zones.

Reports & Analytics

Ronspot analyses your account data to provide usage, demand, and occupancy reports, along with space forecasting for total space management.

Total space management

The modern office manages multiple areas and locations. This can be challenging for some organisations. With Ronspot, you can manage all resources, across all office floors, parking lots, and locations in one place.

The admin panel allows you to quickly view multiple locations, see who has booked a space on a given day, and navigate between different space bookings, like parking space, desks, rooms, lockers and more.

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Make data driven decisions

Space management relies on reports and analytics to produce insights. Ronspot uses the data created from your company’s space usage, occupancy, and demand to generate reports. These reports can help identify areas with high demand, meeting rooms with low usage, or zones with unused bookings.

These reports can also generate insights on employees forecasted bookings, as well as unused bookings – to maxmise efficiency. With these reports and analytics, companies can make better informed, data driven decisions on their space management

Easy implementation for your employees

Implementing a space management system does not have to be difficult for your employees. With Ronspot, implementation is very easy. The mobile app allows employees to book spaces and resources directly from their mobile phone. Employees will be able to choose their space directly from an interactive map that resembles the office floor, the parking lot, or the department.

Automatic email and push notifications allow the admin to remind the employee of their space booking, and prompt them to cancel if they no longer need it – to maximise efficiency and allow others to book that space in real-time.

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