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Car Park Barriers

Ronspot’s barrier integrations seamlessly connect with popular access control systems such as ACT365 by Vanderbilt Industries, iPevia by Castel, Equinsa Parking, and Vaxtor Technologies. These integrations offer a reliable solution for companies seeking to secure their parking access and ensure that only authorised individuals can enter the premises. Our barrier integrations support a range of access control options, including swipe card access and automatic number-plate recognition cameras (ANPR). 

On a daily basis, Ronspot communicates with the designated access control systems to update the list of allowed number plates or swipe cards associated with the bookings made by employees in Ronspot. This ensures that only authorised vehicles can gain access to the parking facility. The updated list of allowed number plates or swipe cards is stored in the barrier controller. This controller acts as the gatekeeper, holding the whitelist of authorised users for the day. When an employee arrives at the car park, the number plate or swipe card is automatically detected by the card reader or ANPR camera. The system then compares this information to the whitelist stored in the controller. If a corresponding booking for the day exists in Ronspot, the barrier instantly opens, allowing the vehicle to enter. If not, the barrier remains closed, preventing unauthorised access.

Building Entrance Doors

Ronspot extends its integration capabilities to desk booking and meeting room reservations, delivering a seamless access control solution in collaboration with ACT365 by Vanderbilt Industries and iPevia by Castel. Similar to our car park barrier integration, this system streamlines the entry process and ensures that only authorised individuals with valid desk or meeting room bookings can access the building.

Ronspot transmits every day to ACT365 or iPevia an updated list of swipe cards associated with the bookings of the day made by employees. The access controller stores this list of authorised swipe cards, serving as the point of reference for granting entry permissions to users with desk or meeting room bookings. Upon an employee swiping their card at the building door, the system actively compares the card information against the whitelist stored in the controller. If a corresponding booking for the day exists within Ronspot Desk Booking, the door automatically opens. In cases where no such booking is found, access remains restricted, ensuring a secure and meticulously controlled environment. 

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Ronspot seamlessly integrates with major Single Sign-On (SSO) providers, including Microsoft Azure, Okta, Duo, Google, OneLogin, and SAML. The use of existing passwords significantly simplifies the login process and also contributes to a more positive and efficient user experience.

By integrating with trusted identity providers, the system ensures a consistent and robust access control mechanism. With centralised user management, administrators can easily grant access to new employees directly from their Single Sign-On provider, ensuring that any new employees can immediately access Ronspot. Conversely, when an employee leaves the organisation, removing their access via the identiy provider instantly revokes their access to Ronspot. This centralised approach simplifies user management, making it efficient for administrators to control employee access from one system only.

Microsoft Teams

Ronspot’s integration with Microsoft Teams empowers employees to effortlessly manage their desk, parking space, and meeting bookings, all within the familiar Microsoft Teams platform. Ronspot is now available directly from the “Apps” section of Microsoft Teams, making it easier than ever for users to enhance their workspace management experience. With a simple one-click installation, users can seamlessly integrate Ronspot into their Teams environment, streamlining desk, parking space, and meeting bookings without the need for additional logins thanks to Microsoft Single Sign-On.

While Ronspot is currently a non-native Teams app, users can still experience the convenience of accessing Ronspot’s features through a windowed view of the Ronspot web platform. This means users can enjoy all the benefits of Ronspot’s functionality without leaving the Teams environment. We have plans to release a native app for Microsoft Teams in the future. This development aims to provide users with an even more seamless and integrated experience within Teams, further enhancing the overall user experience.

Calendar Sync

Syncing Ronspot bookings with an external calendar, including Outlook, Teams, Google, and Windows calendars, facilitates better week planning and mitigates the risk of unused bookings for employees.


Ronspot seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Exchange, enabling companies to achieve bidirectional synchronisation of their meeting room calendars. This integration eliminates the risk of double bookings, streamlining the reservation process for enhanced efficiency.


This feature ensures that any desk or parking space reservation made in Ronspot is automatically synced with the employee’s calendar. The synced bookings are represented as transparent day events, designed not to block any time slots on the employee’s calendar.

Office Sensors


Designed to monitor employee desk usage, these sensors ensure that employees adhere to their desk bookings, offering an effective solution for tracking desk usage and optimising occupancy. Installed discreetly beneath the desk, each sensor, equipped with a small movement-detecting mechanism, boasts a remarkable 5-year battery life. Each sensor is uniquely coded, tying it to a specific spot and seamlessly connecting to the internal public IoT within the office space, excluding external connectivity.


Primarily employed in meeting rooms, seat sensors serve the purpose of gauging attendance and usage within these spaces. Installation is straightforward as these sensors are affixed under seats. Activated when a seat is in use or moved, the sensors measure activity and transmit the information to Ronspot, providing real-time insights into meeting room occupancy. Similar to desk sensors, seat sensors offer a reliable 5-year battery life, ensuring long-term functionality. Each seat sensor is uniquely coded, associating it with a specific seat and linking it to the internal public IoT within the office environment.

HR Softwares

Ronspot can be integrated with your company’s HR systems, creating a cohesive link between collaboration tools and hybrid office booking. To explore the possibilities of these integrations further, kindly reach out to us through the form below, specifying your integration requirements. We look forward to assisting you in optimising your workplace solutions.

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