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Ronspot is the leading parking and desk management system for property and facilities management.

We are helping property management, real estate agents, business parks and coworking spaces manage their busy car parks and implement flexibility in the workplace.

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What problem is Ronspot helping property management with?

With more staff than spots available, allocating spaces fairly to employees often turns out to be tricky:

  • desks and parking spaces would get assigned to the same employees all the time, and other employees would feel left out
  • the office and car park would not be used at their full capacity due to a significant lack of communication and the inability to release a reserved space for other employees to use
  • employees would have no way to know if a parking space or a desk is available prior to going to work, creating a source of stress and frustration for them
  • managers would find it difficult to coordinate their team remotely and control who is on-site at the same time
  • the company’s management would be unable to know day by day which employees are on-site and which ones are working from home

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How is Ronspot helping property and facilities manager?

Ronspot has been designed for offices operating at reduced capacity and overfilled car parks. Below is a list of Ronspot key features that are particularly appreciated by facility and property managers:

Live Availability Booking

Employee can view live availability and reserve a desk and parking space at anytime and prior to going to work directly from their phone.

Recurring Bookings

Ronspot can also be automated, allowing teams to be scheduled into their weekly rotas. The reserved desk or parking space will be visible from the app so that employees know when to go to the office and where to sit or park their car.

Fair Desk & Parking Allocation

Ronspot can limit efficiently the number of bookings every employee can make in advance in order to give every one of them the same chance to make a booking.

Auto-Release System

Ronspot incorporates an auto-release system to make the workplace flexible. Employees with a booking are asked on the previous night to confirm their booking. If they fail to confirm, the space is automatically released back into the pool for other employees to use.

Full Visibility & Control

Administrators have a complete view and control over all the bookings and available spaces from the admin panel dashboard. They can monitor the situation in real time and edit, delete or create any bookings.

Data Protection

Protecting companies’ privacy is our top priority here at Ronspot and our ISO 27001 accreditation is a proof of how seriously we take data security.

We have been using Ronspot for our office parking for over 4 years and it has dramatically improved the utilisation of the car park and the satisfaction of employees.

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