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Increase team collaboration with Ronspot Meeting Room Booking

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Empower your staff to collaborate

Give your employees the ability to view at any time the live availability of meeting rooms, and book a room for the duration they need.

Intuitive settings

After selecting an available timeslot, the meeting organiser can set the meeting recurrence and invite participants in only a few clicks.

2-way sync with calendar

After scheduling a meeting in Ronspot, invitations are automatically sent to all meeting participants by email and synced with their calendar. Similarly, meeting room bookings made from an Outlook calendar can be synced with Ronspot using Microsoft Exchange.

Native integration with Ronspot Desk Booking

Ronspot meeting room booking system is fully integrated within our desk booking system, allowing employees to select and reserve a desk and a meeting room directly from the same interactive map.

Customer support, training and data security

Ronspot comes with fast onboarding, training sessions, and 5-star customer service, ISO 27001 certification, and GDPR compliance.

Meetings made easy with Ronspot

View real-time availability

Say goodbye to double bookings and meeting overlaps. With Ronspot meeting room booking, employees can view at a glance the availability of every meeting room up to 90 days in advance.

Select an available timeslot

From the Ronspot mobile app, employees can easily select an available timeslot on an intuitive time grid. The name of other meetings and their organisers are visible to the employee.

Ronspot meeting room booking system - Mobile app

Make a meeting recurring

To schedule a repeating meeting, the organiser simply needs to select the Recurrence option and select the frequency of the meeting (e.g., none, daily, weekly or monthly).

Add participants

To make the booking process easy, the organiser is shown a list of all the employees who have access to this office and can simply select the participants from the list. A maximum occupancy limit can be set for each meeting room (e.g. 16 seats) in order to limit the number of participants.

Reduce admin and increase efficiency with Ronspot

Sync your meetings both ways

All participants will automatically receive a meeting invitation by email and will have the option to accept or decline the meeting. As a result, accepted meeting will automatically be added to the employee’s calendar, e.g., on Outlook, Microsoft Teams, Google and Windows calendar. Additionally, bookings made in Outlook can be synced with Ronspot using Microsoft Exchange.

Reschedule or cancel a meeting

To ensure the best flexibility, meeting organisers can cancel or reschedule a meeting in just a few clicks. For recurring meetings, they have the option of editing the current occurrence, or the whole series. As a result, participants are instantly notified and their calendar is automatically updated to reflect the changes.

Easy to implement, easy to maintain

Ronspot is directly operated by employees and comes with full onboarding assistance, training sessions and no setup fees. Administrators can also restrict the list of employees who are allowed to schedule a meeting. Additionally, meeting rooms are directly integrated within Ronspot Desk Booking System, allowing employees to book desks and meeting rooms from the same interactive floorplan.

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