Parking & Desk Management for Retail and Manufacturing Companies

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Ronspot is the leading parking and desk management system for retail, e-commerce and manufacturing companies.





Trusted by world’s leading retail, ecommerce and manufacturing companies

Ronspot is helping ecommerce and retail companies with their desking and parking needs


Due to the constraints and restrictions brought by the pandemic and limited capacity many ecommerce and retails companies are calling on Ronspot.

Our desk and parking management system is a popular solution for many businesses to solve multiple challenges, including:

  • employees would not be able to view if there is any availability before going to the office
  • employees would not be able to tell who is in the office and who is not
  • the company would have difficulty enforcing social distancing rules and limited capacity in the office
  • first come, first served systems would always benefit the same employees and be seen as unfair by the rest of employees
  • the management of the company would have no visibility on who are in the office

Ronspot is designed to help retail and ecommerce companies

Ronspot has been especially designed to deal with limited desk spaces and parking operating at reduced capacity due to COVID restrictions. Below are some of Ronspot key features that are perfect for retail and ecommerce companies:

Real-Time Availability

Employees can view the availability of desks and/or parking spaces in real time, and make a booking remotely up to 90 days in advance.

Interactive Floorplans

With Ronspot, employees can select on an interactive map of their office/parking the space they wish to reserve. Colleagues’ bookings are also visible on the map.

Social Distancing

Use Ronspot to easily set social distancing rules and ensure that no two employees are sitting within social distance of each other.

Office fllor plan, interactive booking map - best meeting room software 2022

Instant Confirmation

With Ronspot, the confirmation of a booking is instant and automatic, the employee doesn’t have to wait for a confirmation.

Demand Management

Ronspot is specially designed to give every employee the same opportunity by limiting the number of future bookings every employees can make on a monthly basis.


Asking employees to check-in/check-out is a great way for the company management to monitor which employees are on-site.

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