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Facilitate hybrid work with Ronspot’s desk booking software

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Empower your staff to work hybrid

Give your employees the flexibility and autonomy to decide when to come to the office. Ronspot allows them to view who is in the office on any given days and book a specific desk in advance for the full day or for a few hours.

Manage booking priorities

Additionally, administrators can give employees priority to book before others, restrict a desk to specific employees, allow staff to join a waiting list, auto-cancel a pre-assigned desk if not confirmed before a specific time, etc.

Make hybrid work equitable and inclusive

In order to give every employee the same chance to come to the office, Ronspot incorporates a clever credit system that prevents employees from overbooking.

Boost desk occupancy

Ronspot also incorporates 10+ advanced reports that provide administrators with insightful data on desk usage and booking patterns in order to improve desk occupancy.

Data security, customer support and training

Ronspot desk booking system comes with ISO 27001 certification, GDPR compliance, 5-star customer service, fast onboarding assistance and bespoke training sessions.

Desk Booking made easy with Ronspot

View which desks are available

From the mobile app or web portal, employees can view at a glance the real-time availability of desks for each day of the month, and up to 90 days in advance.

Ronspot also supports multi-zones, allowing employees to view availability on different floors and locations.

Additionally, search filters can be applied to narrow down their search, e.g., desks with 2 screens, a printer, Ethernet cable, etc.

View who is in the office

Employees can also easily view which colleagues are in the office at any time, and see where they are seating on the map.

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Book a desk directly from the map

After selecting a floor and a day from the calendar, employees are presented with an interactive map of their office. For this purpose, Ronspot incorporates an easy-to-use map uploader and builder tool with drag-and-drop feature. Employees can then select their favourite desk from the map and book it for a few hours, or for the full day.

Receive an instant confirmation

Another key point is that desks are reserved instantly without the need for employees to wait for a confirmation, ensuring that no two people book the same desk. Additionally, employees can automatically sync their bookings with their calendar for a seamless experience.

Reduce admin and increase efficiency

Easy to implement, easy to maintain

Ronspot desk booking system comes with full onboarding assistance, training sessions and no setup fees. The software also incorporates a map uploader, employee bulk upload, Single Sign-On integrations, for a quick and seamless implementation. In addition, team leaders can be appointed within Ronspot to give managers and assistants the ability to manage other employees’ bookings, and thus reduce admin supervision.

Manage demand for desks

Additionally, Ronspot incorporates a highly efficient system of virtual tokens —known as ‘credits’— for companies that have more employees than desks available. Not only it gives every employee the same opportunity to make a booking, but also prevent them from overbooking. Moreover, a clever cancellation system encourages employees who are not coming to the office to cancel their booking, and gain their credit back.

Set your booking rules and priorities

In case an employee needs to be automatically assigned a desk, administrators can add the employee to the booking scheduler. As a result, the selected desk will be automatically allocated to this employee on a recurring basis without the need to make a booking. Similarly, administrators can restrict a desk and make it available to selected employees only for a limited number of days, or permanently. As a result, the selected employees will have priority and be the only ones able to book the desk during the specified period.

Get access to advanced reporting

Lastly, Ronspot incorporates 10+ advanced reports to help administrators monitor desk usage, identify booking patterns, and optimise occupancy.

View of admin panel menu and dashboard for desk booking

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FreePerfect for small companies
  • Booking up to 3 days in advance
  • Full-day bookings
  • Mobile app
  • View colleagues’ bookings
  • Guest booking
  • and more...
€2Per desk per month
  • Booking up to 14 days in advance
  • Full-day + hourly bookings
  • Book from map (interactive map)
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Demand management
  • Recurring bookings
  • Restricted desks
  • and more....

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