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The Desk Booking System that keeps your employees safe

Shape the workplace of tomorrow with Ronspot® Desk Booking System. A smart office hoteling software incorporating social distancing to make your workplace COVID-secure.

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A smart office hoteling software that helps your staff return to work safely

Our Desk Booking System consists of an admin panel and an intuitive mobile app (also accessible online) that lets your employees reserve desks throughout the day when they need to.

With an interactive floorplan that matches your office space, employees can view real-time availability of desks and simply tap on the map to reserve one. Any desks located within an employee’s social distancing range will instantly become unavailable for other employees to book.

Ronspot office hoteling software is the perfect solution for companies that are looking to downsize their office and strike the balance between office and home working, while ensuring safety for all their employees.

Reserving a desk on the Ronspot app

Desk booking made easy

Live Availability Calendar

After opening the app, employees are presented with a calendar showing real-time availability of desks for each day of the month, and up to 90 days in advance.

Interactive Map / Floorplan

After selecting a day from the calendar, employees are shown an interactive map that faithfully represents their office (Ronspot incorporates its own map builder tool). They can view bookings made by colleagues and tap on the desk of their choice to reserve it.

Built-In Social Distancing

Ronspot allows you to mark the desks that are located within social distance of one another. Once a desk is booked, this desk and all the related desks will instantly become unavailable for other employees to book.

Guaranteed Reservation

Employees get assigned their desk instantly and don’t need to wait for a confirmation. The system updates instantly and ensures that no two people can book the same desk, giving employees peace of mind before they come into the office.

Less workload, more efficiency

Managing Demand

Ronspot uses a system of free virtual credits to give every employee the same opportunity to make a booking and prevent them from overbooking. It also incorporates a clever release system that encourages employees who are not coming to the office to cancel their booking and make the desk available again for other employees to book.

Operated by Employees

Our intuitive office hoteling software is directly operated by employees, they can make bookings themselves and decide when to go to the office. Team leaders can also be appointed to monitor employees’ bookings and make bookings on their behalf.

Recurring Bookings

Administrators also have the ability to create a rota schedule and assign a desk to an employee on the same day every week, or every two weeks.

Real-Time Visibility & Check-In

From the Ronspot dashboard, administrators can view in real time and day by day the desks that are reserved, available or blocked due to social distancing. They have the ability to create, delete or modify any bookings. They can also view  at anytime which employees are on-site, and ask them to check in and out to prove they have arrived or left the office.

Live view of bookings - Ronspot dashboard

How Ronspot works

Why Ronspot is the Desk Booking System for you

Learn about Ronspot’s hoteling software and how it can help your employees return to work safely.

Quick Implementation

Setting up your Ronspot account can be done within a day. We usually recommend a 2 to 3 week onboarding period to have time to inform your employees about the desk booking app and how to get on board.

Easy Setup

As an administrator, you can set many rules, including granting employees access to specific zones, allocating a different credit amount from one employee to another, scheduling recurring bookings, blocking some users from booking on specific days, etc.

Low Maintenance

The app operates itself, and required little management and oversight. Simply set up your rules and let your employees do the rest. You can even appoint team leaders to oversee other employees’ bookings and make bookings on their behalf.

Full Visibility & Control

From the admin panel dashboard, administrators can view all the bookings and available desks day by day and in real time. They have full control over them and can add, edit or delete any of them.


Ronspot Desk Booking includes advanced reporting tools that provide valuable and actionable insights about daily occupancy, desk demand, contact tracing, etc. They help you see exactly how your office is being used and make adjustments to your office space as required.

Data Protection

Ronspot is a native mobile app that can be downloaded for free on Google Play and the App Store. The app uses the Amazon-cloud system (AWS) to ensure maximum data security and is fully compliant with GDPR.

ISO 27001 Certification

Protecting your privacy is our top priority at Ronspot. Being ISO 27001 certified -the highest international recognised security standard- is a mark of how seriously we take your data security.


App users can report a problem directly from the app with a tap of a button. Our dedicated customer support team here in Ireland aims to answer all queries within 24 hours, Monday to Friday.

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