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Two employees, looking at one workers phone. They are using an employee experience app. The worker on the right is pointing to a part of the screen, and holding a coffee cup.

Make your employee's experience special with

Empower Employees

Empower employees to choose where and when they work with the app

Space Booking

Allow employees to book a desk, parking spot, or meeting room from the interactive map

Mobile App

Make bookings directly from your mobile phone with the real-time app

Collaboration Tools

Assign team leaders to make bookings for the team, and invite colleagues to meetings

Team members collaborating in a meeting room. Employee experience apps allow teams to collaborate like this.

Employee experience is key for the modern office

You can promote a culture of collaboration and organisation with Ronspot. Employees can book their desk beside their team or colleagues in the app – or allow the team leader to make bookings on their behalf.

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Empower your employees

Give your employees complete control over how they book their office resources. Reduce any anxiety or stress around their trip to the office with the mobile app. Employees can quickly book their space in a tap and know it will be waiting for them when they arrive.

The importance of employee experience

Employee experience is the future of the modern office. Today, employees choose to work in the office to embrace collaboration and meet with colleagues. An employee experience app makes it very simple for employees to see the office dynamic on a daily and weekly basis. Learn more about the benefits of an employee experience app here.

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