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The Ireland East Hospital Group (IEHG) is the largest and most complex of Ireland’s hospital groups. Comprising 11 hospitals, IEHG spans eight counties and works with four Community Healthcare Organisation (CHO) partners.

The IEHG use Ronspot to manage their employee parking in two locations.

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Dublin, Ireland

50+ Employees

Basement Car Park of IEHG

What problem was Ronspot introduced to solve?

The Ireland East Hospital Group were having issues with managing their car parking situation. The group have a basement parking lot onsite, and a second car park, which is a 15-minute walk from the building.

Employees were facing the uncertainty of arriving to the office and not getting a spot in the basement car park. They would then be forced to drive to the second car park, and walk to the office. Evidently, this was creating a stressful situation for employees driving to work. Moreover, if the second car park was full, employees would have to find a paid parking spot nearby.

IEHG needed a way to manage their office parking, while giving all employees a fair chance to get a space onsite.

How has Ronspot helped to solve this problem?

Ronspot has been introduced into the Ireland East Hospital Group with success. The parking management system now monitors spot booking for employees in both the basement car park, and the second car park.

IEHG has used the credit booking tool to fairly allocate spaces in the car park and automate employee booking and reduce admin.

According to Mick Fitzpatrick BI Analyst of IEHG, the system has allowed “the fair reservation (2 per week per employee) of the local basement car park spaces”. The group give employees 2 credits each, weekly, to allow them to make bookings in the onsite basement car park.

Onboarding came with its challenges, where some employees were parking in the wrong car parking space, but these incidents have been handled tactfully. Ronspot allows employees to report any parking violations to quickly resolve the issue.

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The impact of Ronspot on the


The main challenge was the few car park spaces to be shared among so many employees – Ronspot has managed this seamlessly


“All employees have embraced it. If they don’t, they don’t get a car park place!”


“There is little or no administrative overhead for anyone, save authorising each person to use the app initially.” – Mick Fitzpatrick

Ronspot is terrific. I’ve recommended it to family and friends for their workplaces.

Mick Fitzpatrick

BI Analyst

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