Henry J. Lyons

Henry J. Lyons is a leading architectural practice headquartered in Dublin City, Ireland. The organisation has over 100 years of experience in the industry and is a regular award winning practice.

However, post pandemic, the practice was facing a problem with the allocation of desks to their employees.


Dublin, Ireland

295+ Employees

Henry J Lyons Desks

What problem was Ronspot introduced to solve?

Post-pandemic, Henry J. Lyons wanted to bring employees back to the office.

The office space in Dublin is home to over 295 employees. The space itself houses approximately 160 desks, meaning they have more employees than desks. Therefore, fair desk allocation is important.

Henry J. Lyons was focused on:

  • allocating desk spaces to employees
  • contact tracing in an efficient manner

How has Ronspot helped to solve this problem?

By onboarding Ronspot Henry J. Lyons now can allocate employees a desk before arriving to the office. The team can see who is booked in to each desk and ensure staff are safe at work. The contact tracing element was important throughout this process. It allowed the team to mitigate the risk of COVID outbreak in the office. Managing Director, Conor MacCabe has said the system was “very successful” in solving their issues with desk allocation.

Ronspot Users
Desk Spaces
Desking Allocation

The impact of Ronspot on the


Ronspot allowed Henry J. Lyons to bring staff back to the office safely. The company could bring employees back to the office and collaborate together again.


The desk booking system allowed employees to book a desk and get back to the office gradually overtime.


Administrators reduced any workload in terms of desk schedules and contact tracing. Meaning a much more automated desking system.

The employees seem to have taken to it very well, probably better than many directors expected … Very simple and effective, simplicity is the greatest plus point

Conor MacCabe

Managing Director

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