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SEG Automotive are an automotive engineering company with offices and facilities worldwide, including locations in South America, Europe, and Asia.

SEG Automotive Portugal, located on the west coast of the country, onboarded Ronspot in 2021 to help manage their workplace space and occupation. Today, SEG Automotive Portugal has more employees than physical desk spaces, so managing this correctly is very important.

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Vila do Conde, Portugal

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What problem was Ronspot introduced to solve?

Post pandemic, SEG Automotive were tasked with bringing employees back to the office safely. In the summer of 2021, Vladimiro Ferreira, Head of Automation, told us that the Portugal office had to manually manage office occupation. This meant dealing with scheduling and all specific requests (like changing a desk, or requesting a specific space). According to Vladimiro, “it was the craziest excel sheet ever.”

Not to mention, employees at the time of implementation still required social distancing to work on site.

With more employees than desks, and the amount of administration work required to keep staff happy, SEG Automotive realised they needed a change.

How has Ronspot helped to solve this problem?

Ronspot was introduced at SEG Automotive Portugal and things changed for Vladimiro and the team.

SEG Automotive were able to set up social distancing rules, empower employees to book their own desks, and build their own interactive office map using Ronspot’s design tool for floor plans. The employees loved the ability to make bookings in the web app as well as through the Ronspot App for mobile.

For the company, Vladimiro said, “it was possible to have quickly all the data regarding occupancy rate” – by using the analytics reports to extract important data for management reports.

Even now, where social distancing is no longer required, the system allows SEG to set rules around bookings for different groups and teams within the organisation.

Vladimiro spoke about onboarding and maintaining the solution, adding “best of all, all the initial setup was done in an afternoon, by one person, without any external help. Even now, the maintenance level is so low that we even forget about it.

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The impact of Ronspot on the


By providing a simple, intuitive but powerful solution, Ronspot has been able to address and solve the problems faced by SEG Automotive for managing their workspace.


Employees have found Ronspot fast, easy, and intuitive. Vladimiro has found, “the availability of a mobile app from the get go was a major factor on the huge adoption we had”.


Ronspot has resulted in an automated solution for managing office desk space. As mentioned above, the system requires extremely low maintenance now.

I could not be more happy with Ronspot. Also, the little support we needed from the Ronspot team was a great experience. Fast to rollout, amazingly easy to maintain and use, intuitive interface, especially the mobile app.

Vladimiro Ferreira

Head of Automation

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