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The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic has given a new impetus to Flexwork office arrangements. For those companies with employees working between home and office, hot desking and employee parking can be managed effectively.

With most countries issuing stay-at-home guidance, millions of people have received a crash course on working from home. Furthermore, unprepared employers had to discover how to make the hybrid office work, almost overnight.

Eventually, with the help of vaccines, social distancing will become a thing of the past. Offices will become busy places of commerce again and the life we once knew will return. Or will it?

Now, as companies weigh and plan for reopening, as they take on board the concerns and feedback of their employees, it is clear that it is the end of the era of one size fits all. In fact, many employers have now discovered first hand how successful flexwork can be and the option of flexible work patterns for staff is going to become much more commonplace.

Now is a good time to be Flexwork proactive.

At Ronspot we refer to this new way of working as Flexwork. And for many months we have been adopting our hugely successful office parking app to incorporate a greater breath of flexworking solutions for companies. However Flexwork is more than just the application of technology. It requires planning and consolation.  Engagement and yes, flexibility. Key, we believe, is to give the Employer Choice & the Employee Choice. To get the best results from any Flexwork arrangements it should include the following:

  • Encouraged but not required.
  • System is equitable to all employees.
  • Job Appropriate. Not everyone can work from home.
  • Flexwork is at least net-neutral for the company.
  • Flexwork is responsive and managed.

That last point is where the Ronspot Flexwork App really hits it out of the park. Our years of experience and consultation in managing employees needs for companies has given us some amazing insights which we have incorporated into our Flexwork Solution. Contact Ronspot today and find the best way to manage Flexwork employee hot desk and parking.