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In Spain, the motor car as a means of commuting is by far the most popular means of transport to and from work.

This is mainly due to the flexible advantages of a  private car, such as freedom to schedule, flexibility of the origin-destination route…etc.

Unfortunately, cars as a mode of transport require a large amount of space, as vehicles remain parked most of the work day. In some areas, where because of lack of space or the characteristics of the location, there is a considerable deficit of parking places that leads drivers to park in unauthorized areas, and even making it difficult in many cases to use other modes of transport.

In Spain, it can be very difficult in the big cities such as Madrid or Barcelona. According to studies, the cities with the most problems of parking shortages are Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Cádiz, Sevilla, Bilbao, Málaga, Alicante and Palma de Mallorca. In Madrid where there are antipollution protocols, it makes it more difficult or costly to access  the city centre depending on your car type (diesel, electric…) You may only access if your car complies with the regulations or if you work on the area.

Furthermore, many employees lobby the Town Hall to force companies to offer parking to their employees as it may be tricky and waste lot of time circulating trying to find a place. And that’s where Ronspot performs really well at solving these problems. Thanks to our easy-to-use app, parking has never been so easy, fast and predictable. Employees who need parking get allocated spots in a fair and transparent manner. The parking manager can also reserve parking for high-priority employees or those with disabilities.

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