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Ronspot Freemium is here! Register today to manage your hot desking or parking management for free. You can begin managing up to 5 spots today. This blog will explain how to register for Ronspot, setup your Ronspot booking system and the software’s features.

Ronspot Freemium

After months of development the Ronspot Freemium app is now available. Now you can get a complete view of how Ronspot helps to manage your hot desking and company parking. When you sign up for the freemium account you will be able to create one zone and add five spots. These spots are then linked to a desk or parking space. Once these spots are mapped, you can begin inviting your employees to use Ronspot and begin managing your hot desking or parking. Here’s how to register for your account.


How to Register Your Ronspot Freemium Account

You can begin registering for your account here

Step 1: Start by entering your company name.

Registering Your Company with Ronspot - Step 1

Then click next.

Step 2: Enter your company’s location and time zone.

Registering Your Company with Ronspot - Step 2

Then click next.

Step 3: Add the administrator’s name.

Registering Your Company with Ronspot - Step 3

Then click next.

Step 4: Finally, choose your username, add your email, and create a password.

Registering Your Company with Ronspot Freemium - Step 4

Make sure to click the box and agree to the Terms and Conditions and click complete.

Once you have completed the registration you will receive a confirmation email. Now it is time to start monitoring your employee parking or hot desking!

Registering Your Company with Ronspot - Confirmation Email

Managing your Employee Parking or Hot Desking

Now that your company is registered for Ronspot Freemium, it’s time to begin managing your employee parking or hot desking. Ronspot Freemium allows you to create five zones and unlimited spots. Administrators must create a zone, then add their spots, assign the spots to a space in the ‘zone layout’ and finally add their employees to their Ronspot account. But what does all of this mean?

What is a Zone?

A ‘Zone’ can be your company car park, your first-floor office, or your entire office site in London for example. This zone will be where your spots are located.


What is a Spot?

A ‘Spot’ refers to the facility which the employees will be booking and Ronspot will be managing. A spot can be a parking spot, or a desk space in an office for example. Admins may create unlimited spots in Ronspot Freemium.


What is the Zone Layout?

The ‘Zone Layout’ is where the desks and parking spaces can be mapped in Ronspot. When the spaces are mapped, admins must assign a spot to the desk or parking spot. This creates a visual representation of the zone for admins and for employees who use the app. This map feature for employees is currently available for hot-desking only.


Setting up your Ronspot Account

Now that you have a better understanding of Ronspot, you can start creating your teams Ronspot account. The first time you login you’ll be see the ‘Welcome Message’!

Welcome Message - Ronspot Freemium


Click next and you will begin to create your zone.


How to Create a Zone

Creating a zone is simple, just follow the five steps and Ronspot will guide you through the process.


Step 1: Choosing a Zone Name and Location

Create a Zone - Step 1

Begin by entering a name for your zone. This can be used for hot desking to describe the zone location, or the site location for parking. Choose whether this zone will be for parking or desking. Then choose the time zone location for this zone.


Step 2: Activating Auto Release and Setting Max Booking Days

Create a Zone - Step 2

This step involves setting spots to be ‘Auto-Released’ or not. This means that when an employee no longer needs their booking, they can release the spot. Once they release the spot, it is available to be booked by other employees. When auto-release is turned on, it will allow the employee who released the spot to book a spot again immediately. When auto-release is turned off, it restricts the user from booking a spot for 15 minutes. This feature is used to stop employees from gamifying the system and claiming half credit refunds while they’re still at work.

Once the auto-release is set, you must set the ‘Max Booking Days’ for this zone. This means how many days in advance that an employee can book for. Typically, this is set at a rolling 90 days. Once set, time to move to Step 3.


Step 3: Setting Free and Random Booking Times

Create a Zone - Step 3

In order to book spots, employees can be given credits. These credits are used to ensure no employee block books their spot when it is free and are used to maximise occupancy levels. To learn more about the credits system, check out our blog – which takes a look at why credits are important.

To maximise occupancy levels, at short notice, where there is availability, Ronspot allows users to book a spot for free, without costing employees a credit. You can set the free booking time in this step. For example, if you selected 18:00 as the free book time – at 18:00 (6pm) the night before, if there are spots available, employees may reserve a spot without costing them a credit.

Alternatively, to remain fair, the free book time can be set at random, so at some point the day before, the spots will be available to book for free. This time changes each day, therefore making it random. Once the free booking time is set, press next.


Step 4: Credit Refunds

Create a Zone - Step 4

In this step, you can set the rules around refunding credits to employees who release their spot. Employees can be refunded a half-credit (0.5 credits), or a full credit (1 credit) based on how early they release a spot. Using the sliders, you can set how early in advance an employee must release a spot to receive a half-credit refund (the timeframe highlighted in green). Similarly, you may set how early in advance the employee must release their spot to receive a full credit refund (the timeframe highlighted in black). If a user releases the spot too late, they may receive no refund.

Create a Zone - Step 4 (ii)

You may also allow employees to view the bookings made in the ‘Bookings Viewable by Staff’ option. If you want to allow staff to see who has booked for a given day, set this to ‘Yes’. Otherwise, leave this as ‘No’. Press next to continue.


Step 5: Email Notifications and Spot Booking Limits

Create a Zone - Step 5

Ronspot can send ‘Next Day Email Notifications’ to employees to remind them of their bookings. This encourages them to release the spot if they don’t need it anymore. The ‘No Bookings Before’ option allows the admin to control how far in advance that employees can book a spot. So, if this is set to 10, the employees will only be able to book spots in this zone up to 10 days in advance.

Once you’ve chosen these options, click next.


Step 6: Reserve Queue & Zone Credit Value

Create a Zone - Step 6

The final step to creating a zone is setting the ‘Reserve Queue’ option and the ‘Zone Credit Value’. The reserve queue is designed to allow some employees to queue for a spot, if the zone is fully booked. These employees will be given a spot automatically should one become available. You may show employees where they are in the queue should you choose to use this option.

The zone credit value refers to how many credits it will cost employees to book a spot in this zone. Typically, it should cost one credit to book a spot. However, if some zones require more credits to book, this can be adjusted here.

It’s important to remember that once you finish setting up the zone, all of these options can be edited.

Once you’ve chosen these options, press complete. Now you’re zone is setup and active!

What’s next?


Create a Spot

Congratulations, you’ve set up your first zone with Ronspot. Now it’s time to create your spots. This step is simple. If it’s your first time using Ronspot, once you create a zone, you will be prompted to add a spot. Just complete the following step.

How to create a spot with Ronspot Freemium

To create a spot, first you must choose your zone. With Ronspot Freemium you’ll have the one zone to choose from, so select this zone.

Then enter a spot name or number. This usually reflects the name or number of the spot itself. For example, if you have a numbered carpark, you may name the spot 1A. Or if you have desks in a marketing department, you may wish to name the spot, MK1.

Finally, you may choose the size of the spot. This usually only applies to parking space. The options are compact, regular, and large spots. These options can be used for desking if some spaces are larger than others.

Finally, to finish creating this spot, press complete. Now you have created your first spot!


So, you have created a zone and a spot, but what’s next?


Assign the Spot in Zone Layout

To finish creating the spot in Ronspot, you must assign it to a space in zone layout. First, click the zone layout tab in the side menu.

Ronspot Zone Layout

Once you enter the zone layout menu, you will see a map like this.

Zone Layout Map

This is where you assign the spot you’ve created to the space in the zone. For example, if the zone is for a car park, you will use the car icons to assign the spot.

Just drag and drop the icon into the map below. You can make the map resemble your own car park if you wish. This is usually done in hot desking to make it more visual for employees when booking their desk space.

Zone Layout - Drag & Drop

When you’ve dragged and dropped the car icon, you will be prompted to assign your spot as seen below.

Assigning the spot - Ronspot Freemium

When this box opens, tick the box to make the spot bookable. This will allow you to assign the created spot. The choose the spot number which you created earlier. The space type for this account is for a car (chosen during creating a zone).

Finally, click save and you have successfully created a bookable spot. You may choose to add up to five spots with Ronspot Freemium.


Invite Your Team

Your Ronspot account is now ready. It’s time to invite employees to use Ronspot.


How to Register as an Employee

Registering as an employee is easy. To register employees for Ronspot, they will sign-up at and follow three steps.

 *You can skip this step if you’re using Goolge or Microsoft Single Sign-In.


Step 1: Your Ronspot Credentials

Start by entering your work email and selecting a password. Make sure to use your work email, this is how we recognise the account domain.

User sign-up for Ronspot

Step 2: Additional Information

Include your first and last name to create your Ronspot account.

User sign-up for Ronspot 2

Step 3: Your Vehicle Registration & T&C’s

Finally, if you plan to manage your employee parking, your employee may enter their vehicle registration number, or number plate. If you’re using Ronspot for desk management, you can leave this field blank.

Finally, make sure to accept the Terms and Conditions, and click complete. You’re ready to start booking.

User sign-up for Ronspot 3

The next step is downloading the Ronspot App on the App Store for iOS, or the Google Play Store for Android and other users. You can also use the WebApp on our website.

Employees can then sign-in and start booking their parking or desk spaces as created in the account.


*Important for Administrators*

Once your employee registers for Ronspot, you must confirm their registration and add them to the company system. Once this registration is confirmed, the employee will have full access to make their bookings. This feature ensures no unauthorised access to the Ronspot account.


Ronspot Premium

So, you have set up your Ronspot Freemium account, and invited your employees to manage their bookings, what’s next? If you’re happy with having one zone and five spaces, great, our work here is done. If you have any questions be sure to check out the knowledge base and the website for answers to FAQs. If you have any other questions, use the Live Chat on our website to speak to the team.

If you are thinking about expanding your account, to create more zones and spots, then we are ready to help with that. Our team is on hand to discuss how to onboard your site to Ronspot, and provide access to the premium functions of the app.

Ronspot is priced on the number of spots then company uses. With Ronspot Premium, you have access to unlimited zones, unlimited users, and Ronspot Analytics. These features are key to managing your company as a whole. Ronspot Analytics provides a range of reports and data, like:

  • Cleaning Reports
  • Booking Demand Report
  • Occupancy Reports

Cleaning reports can provide cleaners with a map of which spaces need to be cleaned in an office. Saving time and money. Booking demand reports allow admins to understand when employees are booking. Occupancy reports allow you to understand what percentage of facilities are being used. This can be useful in maximising real-estate commitments and saving costs as a result.

With the entire dynamic of the workplace changing, having a solution in place to keep your staff safe is essential. Ronspot can manage your social distancing in the office, with its clever social distancing feature. If you want to learn more about Ronspot and how we can help you manage your parking and hot desking, book a demo below. In just 30 minutes, we will take you through the admin panel at the backend and answer any questions you may have about Ronspot. Book a demo using the calendar below!

Book a Free Demo

Set up a 100% free demo session today to learn how the Ronspot App can transform the well being of your employees.
We will walk you through the app, show you how it works and help you craft configurations in a way that best benefits your organisation.

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