The Ronspot Credit-Based Booking System and Why You Need It

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What is a credit-booking system and why do you need it?

Our credit-based booking system empower employees to choose how they wish to work. Whilst still giving employers complete facilities management control.

Ronspot Booking ParkingRonspot’s credit-based booking system manages facilities demand. Credit allowances are set by employers based on the number of parking spaces or desks spaces needed by employees. Once credits are distributed, employees are free to book their spaces. Employees download the app for their mobile or desktop and book through the software. Credits are usually allocated monthly but can be allocated weekly if required.  

Take for example, an employee whose company uses Ronspot Desk. If the employee receives 11 credits per month, they have the option to book a desk space on 11 different days. These bookings can be made up to 90 days in advance. Once they spend their 11 credits, they will be unable to book a desk in advance. However, if there is availability for employees to work in the office at short notice, they will be permitted. So, to maximize efficiency, Ronspot allows employees to book a space without using any of their credits.  

The credit-based booking system empowers employees to choose how they work and when they work. The system allows employers to set rules around booking spaces. This enables employees to self-manage their booking demand. The credit system removes the stress of administration for employers. While employees find it easy-to-use when planning their workdays.  

Why should you use a credit-based booking system? 

A credit-based booking system means the employer can manage the demand on company facilities. Without credits, employees are more likely to block book their spaces all at once. This turns the facilities booking into a ‘thumbs race’. Meaning the spaces will go to the employees with the fastest thumbs! Having employees race to book their spot is not fair. Especially when some of the booked spaces may not be in use. What happens here, is that employees who need to visit the office for a meeting or a team call cannot attend. Forcing them to attend online. This creates tension between employees and is not the right approach to facilities management.  

The credits empower employees to book their desk or parking space for a time that suits them. Employees become aware of how often they can book in advance and will plan their schedules accordingly. Overall, the credit-based booking system creates a fair and reliable booking platform for employees.  

Ronspot At WorkDo you have to pay for the credits? 

Absolutely not. The credits are not an add-on feature. They do not have value and there is no extra cost for the employer or the employee. The credits are a part of the solution which are distributed by the employer to employees. Employees then use the credits to book their desk or parking spaces. Once the credits run out, employees do not buy more. They must wait until the credit allowance is reset. This reset is usually monthly. As mentioned previously, if employees have no credits left but there is availability, employees can book a space for free. Efficiency is key! 

Can you give employees more credits than others? 

Yes. We know that some employees will need to use the office more than others. This might be for in-person meetings, team brainstorming sessions or for IT support. Whatever the reason may be, Ronspot allows for this. Employers can set credit allowances for individual staff members or specific departments. For example, if the accounting department are preparing for an audit, the employer can give accounting extra credits to book their spots in advance of the day. All credit allocation rules can be set at the back end of Ronspot Flexwork.  

Do you have to use the credit-based booking system? 

No. The credit-based booking system allows employers to manage facilities demand. In some cases, there may not be an overflow in demand, meaning all employees can book as many days as they like. To reduce block booking and maximise efficiency, limits can be set on bookings. Such as, limits for how many days employees can book in advance.  

Can employees get their credit back if they release their space early? 

Yes. If an employee books a space in advance but realises they will not be using the spot, they can release their space. This means that the space is made available to all other employees to book in real-time. The employee who releases the space will then be refunded a credit for their actions. But, only if that the employee releases the spot in advance of the bookings becoming active. If an employee releases a space the morning of their booking, they will not be refunded a credit. 

Why is a credit booking system better than the alternatives?

Unlike other booking systems based on ‘algorithms’, a credit booking system is instant and on demand. Meaning the employee has 24/7 visibility on booking availability. Any booking request the employee makes is instantly confirmed. There is no waiting period to confirm a booking. Furthermore, there is no ‘black-out’ period during which a booking can no longer be made. With Ronspot, bookings can be made even on the day in question. A booking can be made seconds before arriving into work. Or not. With the total flexibility the system offers, the employer can set the rules any way they wish.

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