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Ronspot Flexwork is delighted to announce we have recently received the ISO 27001 certification with the help of the excellent people at QSL ISO Quality Standards. We are the only company in our field that meets this highest international recognised security standard. 


What is the ISO27001 Information Security Management system?
ISO Ronspot 27001

Ronspot ISO 27001 Certification

ISO 27001:2013 Certification is the international standard that provides a framework for Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) to provide continued confidentiality, integrity and availability of information as well as legal compliance. It is the most accepted international standard for information security.

To achieve accreditation we had to perform a top to bottom review of our business and how we operate. As a result, the standard is a lot more than a set of policy’s in a folder. It has become part of the culture of our company. Part of our desire to continuously improve our organisation and the management standards we set ourselves.

Why is it important?
Information security management is not a ‘nice to have’. It is a business essential. The protection of confidential data and personal data in the era of GDPR is critical. With ISO27001, Ronspot has a structured method to assess data risks within the organisation. Thereby applying the suitable controls to mitigate those risks when identified.
How will Ronspot Flexwork customers benefit?

Like any company we want to keep our customers and win new business.

And without a doubt an ISO27001 certification helps in that aim. But more importantly it helps our customers. The team here at Ronspot understand that our Flexwork platform is helping business and their employees manage their blended workdays more effectively.

We hold data on behalf of our customers and being ISO 27001 compliant is testament to the fact that Ronspot prioritises data security. But it also means that

  • Customer data is rigorously protected
  • Our customers have a partner who is compliant with the highest standards for information security
  • We constantly seek to improve by assessing and eliminating risk where ever we find it.
  • Always seeking to align our deliverables with our customer requirements.
  • Show operational excellence through out the organisation

CEO Michael Furey had this to say – “At Ronspot, our customers data security has always been at the centre of everything we do. Receiving ISO 27001 certification is a demonstration of this. It will always be core to every function in the company. From Onboarding to Customer Success”

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