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Flexible working is the newest trend to sweep corporate offices, even before there was a global pandemic. Many employees work better and more efficiently at home, but you want them to come to the office sometimes too. Some companies do not need to rent large office spaces anymore, so if you reduce the number of desks available to employees, you need a way to manage them.

If you are a large company, you probably have to redesign your workplace with more spacing between desks and fewer people at shared desks to make them safe for employees to return to work. You can use our desk sharing software to make reserving desks a breeze for everyone in the office.

Once we get you set up with our app, it’s easy for your employees to register on their phone then start reserving a desk instantly. The process only takes them a minute and is the most efficient way to guarantee your employees have a desk when they need it. If you need to block of desk for upper management or visitors you can easily do that in the app.


What companies say about our workplace management system

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The Most Efficient Way to Manage Your Available Desk Space

Our easy-to-use hot desk app is tailored to your company’s needs by connecting with your email and calendar systems for seamless management of the desks available. This helps you save time and money and ensure that every employee that needs a desk throughout the day can reserve one. Employees can plan when they want to work in the office more easily and your company utilises all your office space more efficiently.

  • Do you have meeting and conference rooms, or multiple offices that need managing? No problem! You can manage them all in real-time from the app and no one is left without the space they need.
  • Efficiently and affordably take the guesswork of managing the desk space at your office by combining cloud technology and automation. The desk saving system can change easily with your ever-changing office dynamic.
  • Not only does Ronspot Desk create efficiency in your workplace, but it also helps employees use their time and energy more efficiently. They will have less stress knowing they can reserve a desk when they need to visit the office. This helps your staff start the day on the right foot.

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