Office Desk Manager App Incorporating Social Distancing

The Ronspot Office Desk Manager app is intuitive and easy to use. It connects with your email and calendar systems for seamless management of available office desks. Therefore saving time and money. Employees can plan when they want to work in the office and have peace of mind that they can do so safely. Companies benefit from using expensive office real estate more efficiently.

  • Also need to manage car park resources? No problem, the Ronspot App includes a highly effective car park manager. All in a single App.
  • Curious to know how many desks are being used on a given day? Track the data from the Ronspot Back Office. See exactly how your office is being used and make adjustments to your office space as required.
  • Ronspots secure Desk Manager combines cloud technology with automation to take the guesswork out of managing your desk space, no matter how often your office dynamic changes.

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