Office Parking App

The Ronspot office parking App is intuitive and easy to use. Using a clever but easy to use system of parking credits, Facility Managers can set the rules for staff parking. Once the parking rules are in place the app operates itself. Allowing the employees to make their own decisions about when and where to park. The Ronspot staff parking App allows its users to book and release car parking spaces anytime. Even on the day or 2 mins before they arrive at work. With Ronspot you don’t need to wait 24 hours to find out if you have a space. Get informed instantly. Book from 90 seconds to 90 days in advance.

As the Facility Manager in charge of parking, create as many parking zones as you want. Create zones for Disabled Parking, Electric Vehicles, Motor bikes, Bicycles, Scooters. You name it. You can do it with Ronspot. Easy and intuitive.

Want to add Desk Management or Locker Management later? No problem with Ronspot. Its all self contained in a single App. Employees only need to perform the registration one time and get access to all. With further features on the way, Ronspot is a one stop App to help companies manage everything about the new Hybrid Workplace. With a track record of working with companies all over the world. And a long list of testimonials from satisfied companies and employees, Ronspot is the leading office parking app in the world today.

Set up a demo session today to learn how the Ronspot App can transform the well being of your employees. And save huge costs for your company. We will walk you through all the features and options of the office parking solution and help you craft configurations that will best serve your organisation.