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Let’s face it, managing office parking can be a nightmare for employers in today’s world.

Manage Office Parking

Smarter way to manage corporate parking

As our cities get bigger and bigger, getting to work proves to be an increasing challenge for many people. A large proportion of employees especially those living in the city waste a huge chunk of their mornings trying to find a parking spot for their cars, this has led employee parking to become a critical issue for most companies around the world. So what’s the best method to manage office parking?

Although smart parking technologies have been on the rise, the trick lies in finding a solution that is custom built to fit your own workplace parking needs. Well, what if I told you we have designed the perfect solution to all your workplace parking problems? Introducing the Ronspot app, an easy, affordable and powerful application to manage your corporate parking spaces.

The Ronspot Solution:

The Ronspot app maximizes your company’s scarce parking resources by controlling and managing who parks where in a fair and transparent manner. Ronspot is revolutionizing the parking industry. It does it by creating a win-win situation for both your employees and your business. It’s real-time, intuitive and user-centric interface allows your company to:

  • Ensure guaranteed parking spaces to your employees all day every day through a fair and transparent allocation system.
  • Let employees manage their own parking schedule, view live and up-to-date availability. Instantly claim and release parking spots through a real-time dashboard.
  • Ensure maximum occupancy of your available parking space, thus reducing the administrative burden and costs for both employers and employees.
  • Increase employee happiness and morale by making workplace parking fair, easy and stress free.
  • Efficiently and affordably take the guesswork out of finding a parking spot by combining cloud technology and automation with new models of data and resource management

Parking Management: The Old Way

Traditionally companies have been managing employee parking by either following a first come first serve approach or by assigning the limited parking spaces on the basis of seniority or length of service through a rota system. Some even opt for a blend of both these approaches. Where-by key employees are assigned guaranteed spaces, and the rest are assigned on a first come first serve. However, both these approaches fail at maximizing the efficiency of your available parking spaces.

Although having a dedicated staff parking policy is a definite step in the right direction, such systems often involve complex, time-consuming processes which are difficult to manage. There are also massive hidden costs involved with company parking across a broad range of business processes and functions. For example administrative costs, employee costs and environmental costs. Multiple studies have shown that workers who commute for long hours every day are more likely to suffer from depression and work-related stress. Not being able to find a parking space after a frustratingly long drive can be a serious morale killer for your employees.

Now we all know that happy and motivated employees are the key to the success of any organization. Thus it’s important to provide them with a work environment that is smooth and stress-free. Start by ensuring your company parking is efficiently optimized and benefits all your employees. The good news is that Ronspot’s cutting edge technology can help your company solve all your parking problems at the click of a button. By seamlessly combining technology and automation to maximize the efficiency of parking management.

Getting things started with managing office parking:

With the Ronspot app, you can eliminate all the daunting aspects of employee parking by letting technology do the work. The app allows you to automate the management of your employee parking to ensure maximum occupancy. Thus increasing employee morale, reducing administrative burden and the hidden costs associated with parking. In fact, getting started with Ronspot is really easy. All you need to do is register online as a new user, and download our mobile app which is available for both iOS and Android. After which your employees need to register themselves through their Ronspot account. And guess what? The entire booking process takes less than two seconds.

  • Once the employee opens the app, they can view a calendar showing available parking spaces for the current month which are represented by a green dot.
  • Employees can also view empty car park spaces up to 90 days in advance, or automatically assign a space directly to their smartphone.
  • To book a spot the employee simply needs to tap the green dot to get assigned a parking space
  • Employees can also release their spots if not at work, and gain a credit that they can use on a different day.
  • Should they arrive to work and find their spot is occupied by someone else? No problem, they can flag the violation using the ‘Report a Violation’ option to notify the offender instantly. Ronspot will automatically assign them to a new spot as soon as it’s available.

What our customers think..

We recently conducted an in-depth survey with some of our trusted clients. Survey results revealed that 84% of employees who use the app say they love it. They found it has significantly improved their parking experience. Further research shows up to a 60% drop in unused parking spaces thanks to Ronspot. Ronspot is leading the parking revolution with globally recognised clients. Companies such as Sodexo, Cardinal Health, MSD,, SSE Airtricity and others across Europe. The feedback has been fantastic.

Thanks to the rise of automation, office parking no longer has to be a nightmare. Ronspot has got your back, sit back, relax and let Ronspot do the work and manage the office parking.  Get in touch with us now to set-up a 100% free demo session, to find out how Ronspot can reinvent your company’s parking. We’ll walk you through all the features, options and help you craft configurations in a way that best benefits your organization.

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