Hot Desking: Here are the 6 Steps to Loving It!

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Nowadays hot desking is becoming more and more popular. Due to the COVID pandemic of 2020 the way we work has changed. Some companies adopted it very quickly. These companies found that hot desking saves space. Not to mention, in some cases it even increased productivity!

However, some people don’t like it. With some critics saying that it is hot desking does not make sense during the pandemic. Due to the fact it can be difficult to contact trace. This depends on the systems in place. Other companies might feel they don’t have the resources to manage it. This should not be the case. With a range of facilities management systems available today.

Hot desking is simple to implement. The key is making sure it works for both the employers and the employees! If you would like to know how to manage it and become familiar with it? Check out these 6 steps to loving hot desking!

Manage the Space

Managing space is important for hot desking

It may sound obvious, but it’s the most important step. Hot desking is not only about providing a desk with a computer and Wi-Fi to your employees. They have to feel comfortable in the environment. Here are some common spaces your hot desking office should include:


  • Meeting Rooms:
    • Having a small office or room where employees can take a videocall with a client is key. This room can be used to take personal calls, have one-to-one meetings or conference calls.
  • Break Area
    • It can be a small corner with a few sofas, or a separate room for employees to relax. Somewhere employees can take their breaks and chat with coworkers.
  • Kitchen Facilities
    • A kitchen with common facilities is essential for the office. Employees can make a coffee, reheat their lunch and chat to each other for a while. These conversations are important to the company. Coworkers can exchange ideas and find new ways to improve their performance at work.

Locker space for their things

Locker space can help employees manage their things

Lockers are an important factor for hot desking. Employees need some space for storing their things. This reduces the amount of desk space employees need. Keeping personal items in a separate location to their desk space can also reduce the time spent cleaning the desk space.

Find the balance

Balance is key for hot desking

Firstly, you must understand your employee’s situation. Not all employees can share their desk or rotate. Some employees may need to be in the office most days. Others may require extra desk space for multiple devices or screens. The employees needs will differ across companies. But most companies right now are following a specific system; employees work from home 2-3 days a week and the other days they work onsite. This way of working is called, ‘Flexwork’, or hybrid working. So, companies can plan for who will be in the office and how many desks are available.


The Finer Details

Equip the office with finer details for staff

Giving your employees simple comforts is always well received! Things like a comfortable chair, Bluetooth keyboard and coffee machine can keep staff happy. Everything depends on the company culture. But, find what suits you and your team and make it available. Why not ask the employees exactly what would make their experience better!


Get Your Employees Excited!

Get the employees excited

To get the ball rolling, why not converse with your team! Organize a brainstorming session and get some ideas on how best to approach this new hot desking system. Explain to the team how it will work. Show them how easy it is to do and why it makes sense for the employees and the company!



Synchronize IT for Hot DeskingHot desking Ronspot Flexwork

Organizing hot desking using an excel sheet or having one person in charge can be a mess! Excel sheets can turn into a game, with employees block booking or editing their bookings. Or putting the responsibility on one person to manage hot desking is very difficult. With software available to help with hot desk management, why not use it! The first step is finding an app that works best for you. Ronspot is built for flexible working. Ronspot Desk is the ideal solution for real time employee desk booking and keeping staff safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. With Ronspot Desk you can control the rules around social distancing. Making sure employees stay apart and respect health guidelines. Ronspot’s intuitive cloud-based software can manage this process. Which will save you both time and money.


Ronspot can help you manage your hot desking preferences, and all from one easy to use app. You can book a demo below and find out how we can help your business today!

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