The easy-to-use hybrid working system

Make Hybrid Working Work for Your Organisation with Ronspot

The hybrid working system for the modern workforce

Mobile Booking App

Employees can book their desk, parking space, rooms, lockers, and other resources on the mobile app

Team Leaders

Empower team leaders to make bookings for their team – and create an environment for collaboration.

Search Bookings

Easily search for your team members and colleagues’ bookings to book a space nearby for collaboration.

Reports & Analytics

Understand your team better with data driven reports. These include booking demand, forecasting, and occupancy reporting.

Control how hybrid works for you

Ronspot is a feature rich system for hybrid working. Admins can control access to zones, resources, and more. With the system, you can use booking credits to manage demand for spaces too – so all employees have a fair chance to book their space. Should your office have a minimum 3-day in office policy, admins can see who is adhering to this policy in the reports section. So, you can ensure hybrid continues to work for you.

The Workplace Management Software trusted by world's leading companies

Drive collaboration when in-office

The modern office thrives on collaboration. With this hybrid working system, employees can be given full visibility of the office and the ability to see where their colleagues are sitting. So, they can book a space close by and use their on-site time for collaboration. Moreover, admins can choose team leaders in Ronspot, who can make bookings on behalf of other team members. This means a department head, or team leader can book spaces together for their team to work on certain projects and collaborate seamlessly.

Giving your employees peace of mind

According to Emer Craig of LK Shields, Ronspot “reduced a layer of anxiety or concern around travel” into the office. With this system, employees are able to book their parking, desk, or meeting room space before they arrive to the office. So, they don’t need to arrive earlier than usualy – i.e. families can do the school run and still have their preferred seat. Moreover, employees can filter their search to find a desk with a docking station, or double monitors for example, and book the space that suits them the best!

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