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About The Client

A leading Utility provider based in the United Kingdom needed a solution for their employee parking problems. The company has 3,500 employees on-site who require car parking spaces during the week, in a shift pattern. The company has a designated parking lot, with access to only 1200 parking spaces, all on the surface. The Car park has 3 entry and exit points.

Key concerns of the client

Ronspot Large Surface Carpark

Ronspot Customer Car Park

Lack of sufficient parking spaces was a key issue faced by the company as there was no effective parking management system in place. With a loading of 291%, Parking was allocated to employees on a first come first served basis with no monitoring. Any employees arriving after 8.30 in the morning would likely fail to get a parking space for their cars. Non-company entities on-site such as a gym and a crèche also allowed people who were not employees to gain access to the parking site, which hampered with the availability of sufficient employee parking spaces.

Those who could not get parking on-site would park their cars in nearby hotel car parks or housing estates. This was a serious source of frustration for the neighbouring residents of the locality, who raised complaints with the company.  Moreover, the roads leading to the site were very congested in the mornings as people queued to get a parking space. The company found out that employees usually drive around the site for 20 mins looking for an empty parking spot. The company noticed that parking was becoming a significant source of frustration for its employees. The management of the company had no visibility on who used the parking and what times they gained entry or exited.

How Ronspot solved the problem

Our experienced development team has been creating powerful software solutions for some of Europe’s largest companies. Ronspot solved many of the problems straight out of the box.

The on-boarding process required each employee of the company to register their name, email address and car registration number in their own Ronspot account, which is tied to the company. After which, they simply had to download our mobile app which is available for both iOS and Android.

  • Each parking spot available was registered in the database and viewable via the App.
  • Once the employee opens the App they are presented with a calendar showing the available parking spaces for the current month
  • Available parking spots for each day are represented by a full green dot. No availability is represented by a green circle with a diagonal line.
  • To book a spot the employee taps the green dot and gets assigned a parking space number. That remains their spot unless they release it.
  • Should they arrive to work and find their spot occupied by someone else there is a ‘Report a Violation’ Once reported, the violation is recorded in the database and the offender is notified instantly via the App along with the HR and relevant admin personnel.
  • The entire booking process takes less than 2 seconds.

Additionally, we came up with a credit system, which allowed users to book parking spaces in advance and be confident that a parking space would be available when they arrived to work. The credits can be ‘spent’ by the users to book any available parking spot up to 90 days in advance. The credits are evenly distributed to the users depending upon the demand. A credit top-up is performed at the beginning of each month which can be adjusted by the company administrator every month. This system allowed the company to ensure guaranteed parking spaces to its employees every day fairly and transparently, and they no longer had to worry about finding parking spots on a first-come-first-served basis.

Ronspot ANPR Systems

Ronspot ANPR Camera Systems

An Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system with barriers was also fully integrated with the solution to streamline parking management. The system uses optical character recognition (OCR) on images taken by the security cameras, which allowed the management of the company to gain real-time visibility about who has parked and when they entered and exited the car park. Crèche and Gym visitors can also be monitored and a set parking area can be reserved for these type temporary of parkers. The barriers will only lift for cars that have a spot booked on Ronspot. Furthermore, Ronspot’s ANPR system also allows the company to claim or release parking spots to another user instantly when they need thus ensuring maximum occupancy, and reducing costs for both the management and the employees.


Ronspot’s cutting-edge technology is now leading the parking revolution by creating a win-win situation for both employers and employees. It’s real-time, intuitive and user-centric interface comes as one of its kind in the industry which helps businesses eliminate all the daunting aspects of employee parking by combining technology and automation. We recently conducted an in-depth survey with some of our trusted clients. Survey results revealed that 84% of employees who use the app love it and say it has significantly improved their parking experience. Further research shows up to a 60% drop in unused parking spaces. Parking reports and behaviours were also made available at the click of a button for the company. The feedback has been excellent so far.

If you have further questions about this use case please contact Ronspot at +353 (0)91 394244 or email

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