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Workplace Management is often spoken about in lecture halls amongst Human Resource students on a regular basis. How to manage employees and what techniques to use. However, more recently workplace management has evolved.

What is Workplace Management?

Workplace management “is a series of activities for planning, designing, using and disposing items surrounding the workplace for the purpose of helping employees organize their daily tasks and optimize the use of resources and facilities” (Linman, 2010, p. 1).

Simply put, workplace management is centered on the optimisation of workplace resources and facilities to make employees lives easier. This includes everything from parking spots to what snacks are in the staff canteen. These facility matters contribute to how easy life is for employees. Once these facilities and procedures are managed effectively, employees will be at ease.

How Does Workplace Management Help Businesses?

Comfortable Working Environment

With good workplace management, comes a positive working environment. By organising the workplace well, employees will have a comfortable working environment. This is very important for creating and maintaining good employee morale. A comfortable working environment is important today more than ever. With some employees working from home since early in 2020, encouraging workers back to the office can be difficult. Having a positive and comfortable workplace onsite could make the return to the office much easier.

An Organised Office

Workplace management leads to an organised office. Whether its desk booking from week to week or forecasting for hand sanitiser and disinfectant spray, a well-managed workplace will be organised. An organised office can contribute to a positive working environment. Furthermore, it can instil confidence in the employees too.

Aids Future Planning

Workplace management seeks to optimise the use of office facilities and resources. A well-managed workplace can help with future resource and facilities planning. Monitoring resources and managing facilities around the workplace can be difficult. With the right systems in place, this can be easily done. Done properly, this can aid future planning of resources and facilities.

Optimised Office Facilities

Workplace management done right means that facilities in the office are optimised. Facilities like desks, parking, meeting rooms, common spaces, and canteens require management. The importance of managing desks and meeting rooms has grown recently. With flexible working arrangements, these facilities must be optimised. Good workplace management will help optimise these facilities.

Less Administration

Automation means less administration. By using a workplace management solution, a lot of processes become automated. Like desk booking for example. Automating desk booking means less administration for facilities teams and office managers. Time savings on admin is key for office managers and employees in the workplace.

What is an Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS)

An integrated workplace management system is a software platform that helps organizations optimize the use of workplace resources. For example, the management and optimisation of company car parks, office desks, and meeting rooms.

These systems automate the management of facilities. This automation is perfect for organisations planning to bring their workers back to the office on a staged basis. This staged basis is known as flexible working. For more information on flexible working, see our previous post here. Integrated workplace management systems are growing in popularity as a result of the pandemic.

These systems can help with managing the resources and facilities in the office and workplace. That’s where Ronspot can help. An IWMS can help to manage desking, parking and meeting rooms. This is exactly what Ronspot is designed for.

Ronspot as an IWMS

As an IWMS, Ronspot is designed to aid facilities booking automation. Currently, Ronspot helps with desk booking and parking reservation management. In future, meeting rooms are planning to be included and managed through the solution. For facilities teams and office managers, Ronspot can reduce the admin associated with desking and parking. With a host of features designed to make facility booking seamless and easy for employees.

Ronspot Desk Booking System

Ronspot desk booking systems are designed to make flexible working simple for employees and management. These systems seek to automate desk booking and decrease admin work around it. Some benefits of desk booking include:

  • Real-time availability
  • Empowering employees
  • Manages booking demand
  • Fair and transparent spot allocation


With Ronspot, a range of features have been designed to make the desk booking system perfect for flexible working. These features are:

Live Booking Calendar

The live, real-time booking calendar is a key feature for booking facilities. A live calendar allows employees to see availability in real-time. This will maintain fair booking allocation and transparency when booking spots.


Check-in/Check-out Systems

The check-in and check-out system is a new feature designed to ensure that spots are being utilised. Having a check-in feature ensures that spots that are booked and used remain booked. Whilst spots that are booked and unused are released for other employees to book in real-time. This increases spot occupancy and facilities optimisation.


Team Leader

This new feature is great for department heads and team leaders organising their workers schedules. The team leader feature allows one user, the leader, to gain admin privileges for specific workers. For example, team leaders can make bookings for their team members. This feature helps aid rotas and schedules for flexible working and capacity management.


Spot Filters

Filters are important for finding the right desk space. With many office desks having different amenities, spot filters allow employees to quickly find a spot that suits them. For example, a spot with dual monitors, a standing desk, or a spot with a power source. These filters make finding the most suitable spot much simpler.

Ronspot Desk Booking System Hoteling Software

Ronspot Parking Reservation System

Ronspot parking reservation systems are perfect for managing office parking. The solution is designed to fairly allocate parking spots to employees and ensure parking facilities are optimised. This system benefits are similar to the desk booking benefits above.

With Ronspot, a range of features have been designed to make the desk booking system perfect for flexible working. These features are:

Credit Booking System

The credit booking system is ideal for ensuring car parks are operating efficiently. This system allows admins to allocate credits to employees. These credits are used to book spots each week or month in the car park. The credits increase fair allocation and transparency when booking facilities.


Live Interactive Map

The interactive booking map is used to show the employees what spot they are booking in the car park. Having the map visible from the app means employees can get a spot that suits them. For example, a spot close to the door, or even a spot with an electric charging point.


Report Violations

To ensure that Ronspot works correctly, all staff must use this system. In the event that some employees make an error and take the wrong spot, employees can report a violation. This sends a discreet notification to the admins who can then send an email and push notification to the violator. This will prompt them to move their car and find a new space if there is a space free.


Auto Release

This feature is used to ensure that spots are more efficient. The auto-release setting sends an email and notification to employees who have made bookings. This asks employees to confirm their booking. If they do not confirm the booking within two hours, it is cancelled, and the spot is auto released.

Live view of parking bookings - Ronspot dashboard
Ronspot Parking and Desk booking schedule with auto-release

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