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Your office car park is just as important as any of the other facilities within your office. Managing your office car park in 2022 is going to be more important than ever before. Due to the pandemic employees are going to be more conscious about how they travel to work. There will be less use of public transport/carpooling, which means more employees will be driving. If most employees are now going to be driving companies are going to have to be able to meet their needs in terms of parking. This leaves a headache for companies trying to figure out how to manage their office car park in 2021 more efficiently. An office car parking management software such as Ronspot is the answer. With the majority of companies taking the flexible working approach, assigned spaces is no longer the answer for your office car park in 2022.


What is Office Car Parking Management Software?

Employee office parking management software is an ever-growing industry. So what exactly is parking management software? An office parking management software like Ronspot automates employee parking through our app. It optimises your car park and makes your office parking fairer and far more efficient. Employees can become frustrated when they see assigned spaces unused for the day, by using an office car parking management software like Ronspot will prevent this from happening.

Why is there a Need for an Office Parking Management Software in 2022?

Like we previously mentioned far more employees are going to be conscious about hygiene in the workplace and public transport which leads to more employees driving to work, this is the number one factor as to why companies need an office car parking manager. Before the pandemic, the majority of workplaces had office parking problems now this is going to be an even bigger problem. According to Statista worldwide car sales are expected to grow to just under 70 million automobiles in 2021, up from an estimated 63.8 million in 2020. This adds to the reason as to why this software is so important in 2021.



View real-time availability on Ronspot office marking management app

How Ronspot’s Office Parking System Work’s

An office parking management software is relatively straight forward to use. An administrator sets everything up in the back-end admin panel and the software runs itself thereafter. Once everything is set up in the back end, all employees have to do is download the Ronspot App on their iPhone or android. The great thing about Ronspot is if your company uses single sign on such as office 365, Google, Okta or Duo employees don’t even have to register. They can log into the app using single sign on. Once logged on employees are free to book a parking space through the Ronspot App when needed and this can be completed in as little as 5 seconds.

What Features are Included in this Type of Software?

Future Booking/On the Day Booking

Employees can book parking spaces up to 90 days in advance. Ronspot created a clever credit system to manage supply and demand for future bookings- Learn more on our credit system here. However, on the day or the night before employees can book a space without using up one of their credits.

Multiple Locations

With Ronspot you can manage multiple car parks that are located in different locations in the one system. All you have to do is set up different zones within the admin panel.

Real Time Availability

Everything about Ronspot is instant. With the live calendar view if on a certain day the car park is full, but an employee releases a space it will instantly become available within the app for another employee to book.

Guest Parking

For companies that have contractors coming on and off site or have guests attending meetings they can assign guests to parking spaces with Ronspot. All the administrator has to do is use the admin panel and assign the guest to a space. This guest will then receive an email to their phone notifying them of their space.

Track Parking Occupancy

With Ronspot there is multiple analytical reports . One of these reports is booking demand. This allows the administrator to see what days of the week are popular and what days are very quiet.


If an employee’s space is taken when they get to work, this employee can report a violation within the app. The employee who is in the wrong space will then receive an email notifying them that they are in the wrong and will be asked to move their car immediately. For the employees, whose space was taken Ronspot will re-direct them to a new space as long as there is one free.


What Problems are we Trying to Solve?

Make Parking Fairer

With Ronspot there is no need to assign employees parking spaces. Companies with far more employees than parking spaces, their car parks can be a nightmare to manage. By giving each individual employee the opportunity to book a parking space when needed makes it fairer and less disputes over parking spots. Employees tend to take their parking spot’s quite seriously!

Make Your Office Parking More Efficient

An office car parking management software can make your office car park far more efficient. When your office car park is half empty all the time or when someone with an assigned space is gone on vacation for a week, why leave these spaces unused? Not only is it a waste but it is also very frustrating for employees. With Ronspot you can still assign employees to parking spaces if it is needed. However, instead of spaces going to waste when employees with assigned spots are out of office, all these employees have to do is release their assigned spot in the Ronspot App and allow a colleague to book it when needed.

Making the Admin’s Life Easier

One of the biggest headaches for facilities managers is managing their office car park. This is especially frustrating for companies with less spaces than employees. Like previously mentioned you set up Ronspot once and after that it manages itself. This makes life far easier for the facilities manager or whoever the assigned administrator is. If in some cases rules have to be changed, this can be completed very easily on the admin panel.


Fears Associated with Office Car Parking Management Software in 2022

Another system: When thinking of office car parking management software many companies think of it as another system they have to manage. This is not the case with Ronspot. A system like Ronspot is completely self-managed, all issues employees have are reported to Ronspot not the administrator or company IT department.

Data Protection: The only data Ronspot keeps on your employees is email and car registration. This is all stored locally with Amazon Web Services in Dublin, Ireland. Ronspot is also ISO27001 certified which is the highest recognised security information standard.

Price: Ronspot has all types of companies covered when it comes to price. Ronspot offers three tiers that suits every companies needs from small to large corporations. Price varies from Community which is completely free all the way up to Enterprise. If companies were to hire an office manager or a specific employee to manage their office car park the salary of this employee would exceed the price of an office car parking management software by quite a lot. For more information on price check out our pricing page.


To Conclude

Using an office car parking management software in 2022 is as simple as that. The implementation process is relatively quick once you get the message across to staff. Ronspot is unique. Not only do we offer parking management we also offer desk management, and many more features are on the way. Ronspot is your one stop shop software when it comes to managing your office space! Check out our desk management features here.

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