Add employee roles

Create New Roles

Step 1 – On the admin panel, click on  Advanced Settings > Employee Roles in the sidebar menu

Step 2 – Click on the button + Add Role

Step 3 – In the first field Employee Role, add a new role name (i.e. Fire Warden)

Step 4 – In the second field Select Icon, click on the dropdown to select the icon that suits the employee role

Step 5 – Click on the button > Update

Create new employee role

Assign Roles to Employees

Step 1 – In the sidebar menu, click on  Employees

Step 2 – Find the employee you want to add tags to, and click on this icon

Step 3 – In the section Roles, tick the role(s) you want to assign to the employee

Step 4 – Click on the button > Update

Assign employee roles to an employee

Filter Bookings by Role

Step 1 – In the sidebar menu, click on  Bookings

Step 2 – Click on Filter by: Role above the table

Step 3 – Select a role in the dropdown menu on the right